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    Uber won't pay for short trips.

    1.5 surge. Picked up at Lenny's. Original destination was Wooden Robot but as we passed Sycamore Brewery, they spot a friend and decide to stop there. Between the parking lot of lenny's and a quick u-turn back to Sycamore, I went 800ft or so. Ended the trip and got the option to cancel the ride...
  2. J

    Lyft raised fares in Charlotte!

    For real! From $.75 to $.90. It's a "test". However, the airport officially "partnered" with Lyft. We have a designated pick up area and waiting lot. Big things coming I think....
  3. J

    Lyft is testing HIGHER rates in Charlotte

    For real! They went from $.75 to $.90.
  4. J

    Account Hacked, Banking info changed

    My friend was out of the country for over a month. During that time, someone hacked her account and made 1.5 hr back and forth bogus trips. They also changed her banking info. She drove when she returned in January. Here first payment after she returned didn't get to her. She emailed and they...
  5. J

    Lyft, commercial, and tip

    Picked up chick for a modest 4 mile ride (with a stop at Starbucks. Kill me). I was on the Lyft platform. She says she just did an ad for Lyft and was "the passenger". The driver was Danica Patrick! So cool. Lyft didn't pay her, per se but instead gave her $200 in credits. She tipped me $10.
  6. J

    I owe!

    Just kill me now. I owe $200. Did the mileage deduction, deducted the uber fees and all that good stuff. Plus the cost to file with Turbo Tax/HR Block. Uber was my only income so there's nothing else that would throw my taxes off. I'm so sad.
  7. J

    Tieing back the 1099 to actual (my records)

    I've been diligent about keeping a spreadsheet with uber fees, SRFs, actual pay, etc. Now I'm trying to tie-out my records to what's reported on the 1099. I'm going to pull out my hair!!! I'm going month by month starting in May (when I started) and can't tie May together. As an accountant, this...
  8. J

    My massage chick tomorrow is a rider of mine!

    Getting a massage tomorrow from a girl who I've picked up from the spa a few times. Never tips. What did I do? Tip? Don't tip?
  9. J

    Rate yo self

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    Could a rider steal me away from Uber?

    Worked the pick-ups for playoff football Sunday (CAR v AZ) and picked up three goofy men in their 40s-50s. Drinks had been flowing. Dude in back asks me how it is driving for uber (they ALL ask). I say it's good when it's busy yada yada but I have to get back to the real world soon (cubicle life...
  11. J

    Storm driving

    Good surges in Charlotte during the bad weather. I quit as soon as it got dangerous (roads got covered up bad). Anyway, there is a ton of ice under the bit of snow we got last night. Drivers are out. No surge. Am I crazy? Why would you drive without a surge?
  12. J


    Just a heads up, because the governor declared a state of emergency, Uber will cap surges at 2.0.
  13. J

    What happened to 3 stars or below...?

    Dude gets in car and doesn't say a word. I 3 star him so I don't get him again. Next day, get pinged by him. I only say this because I'm a chick and when a dude gets in without saying anything, I assume I'll be dismembered at some point.
  14. J

    Bartender rider

    Pick up dude and take him to work. He takes uber everyday. Says where he bartends. Doesn't tip me. I KNOW WHERE YOU WORK NOW, DUMMY! "Tip is included, right?" then I smile and saunter out.
  15. J

    Shut the all off

    I'm seeing more drivers shutting off their apps until a surge pops up then turning them back on. GOOD! Play the game. It's not hard to do.
  16. J

    And another round of rate cuts...

    Charlotte just got hit. Love the 4 hour notice. Lol 8pm email to take effect midnight.
  17. J

    I made out with my rider

    I picked up a sobering up rider early on a Saturday morning (5am). He says, "oh you smell so good" and continued on about how good I smelled and cute and blah blah. He was cute too. He was asking about being spontaneous and next thing I know, I was in front of his apartment building making out...
  18. J

    Now my phone will be deactivated if I don't return it

    This lovely message popped up this morning...
  19. J

    Ben Stein's Uber Wreck. Bueller...Bueller...Fender...Bender
  20. J


    This will be my first Halloween as a driver. Since I'm a bit of an artist, I thought maybe I'd paint my face and/or dress from the waist up in some sort of costume. And maybe this one time, buy some Halloween candy for riders. Thoughts?