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    I don’t get it. You have like 14.000 trips. You get sent a report the passenger thought the conversation could have been better. wtf! Is Uber suggesting ignore the 14.000 customers that were satisfied? And change your attitude?
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    Newark Airport this Morning

    I gave you a 1 because you called before you were out. You know what you did. I had to circle and bully my way back into terminal C.
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    Sorry for the 3

    Gave a passenger a 3. He seemed like a jerk. He then tipped $10. Stuff happens.
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    Where did they go?

    Two posters that I have not seen in a while. Doggeral. And Victor D. ?
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    Mechanic in Bergen County?

    Anyone have a decent Mechanic in Bergen? I have a Camry.
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    Bob Dylan?

    I had a station on that played a Bob Dylan song the other day. A passenger in his 20s. Didn’t know who he was! Do you think that’s common?
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    Quests a misstep.

    Uber has made a mistake by lowering the Quest payout. I’m pretty much an Ant,my acceptance rate has plummeted since the payout is not worth reaching.
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    What became of Lepke? Did he escape?
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    A way out.

    We need to have a meeting. All N J Drivers. We need to invite Robert F Smith to speak!
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    Uneven Tips

    Lately I have been receiving tips like $5.57. $6.48. Have they changed the tip option?
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    Shareholders Dividends

    Welcome to Uber. As a Shareholder you will not be receiving Cash Dividends. We are very pleased to inform you that depending on the amount of shares you have purchased! You will be receiving a wide assortment of Badges!
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    Mechanic in Bergen County?

    Anyone have a decent Mechanic in Bergen County?
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    Uber Pro.

    Gee whiz fellas! Now we have Ratings on Steroids! They are going to Micro-Manage our daily output. I sure hope this doesn’t mean an end to Badges!
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    Delayed Tips?

    Anyone know why some tips show up days later?
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    I.P.O. On second thought?

    Uber did 5 Billion more trips then last year. 10 Billion in all. If they were to raise fares 1 Dollar that would increase revenue by 10 Billion Dollars! The customers are going to get increased that’s for sure. Will Uber be successful? Is the Stock a good investment?
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    $1000 April 27th

    Uber’s giving 1000 dollars!
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    Uber Buyer of LYFT stock?

    Will Uber investors buy Lyft stock to stabilize this Turkey. Uber’s IPO is imminent a falling Lyft can’t help.
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    Lyft stock falling

    If Lyft tanks I wonder if Uber will Have to wait on IPO.
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    Did anyone receive the Lyft Bonus?

    I P O bonus anyone!
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    Bracket Busted

    I guess having Yale in the final four wasn’t such a good idea.