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  1. GreatWhiteHope

    95 year old war veteran gets Coronavirus

    And doesn’t give two @@@@s because he is not a beta male. Stop being beta males are you sensitive @@@@s. Be like this Legend instead
  2. GreatWhiteHope

    What Have You All Been Doin?

    Just curious, the economy has been put on hold last two weeks or whatever Have you guys been working, staying at home, doing something else still laboring what have you guys been up to, personally I’m still working.
  3. GreatWhiteHope

    The Winter Flu and Kung Flu

    As we all know Corona Virus aka COVID19 aka Chinese Virus aka Kung Flu aka Kung Flu Fighting Like I was saying, we know the vast majority of cases for this will be MILD. Aka it’s like catching the flu - may be exceptions - but that’s what we know. I guarantee you —- for anybody that caught...
  4. GreatWhiteHope

    PSA To Boomers

    Enjoy your Social Security and Medicare and shut your god damn mouths selfish old @@@@s
  5. GreatWhiteHope


    For every reasonable person it’s obvious the full scale panic is overblown Zombie apocalypse - 19 is clearly something serious - but if you were to wake up from a coma today - you would think the bubonic plague is upon us and zombies are walking the streets. The vast majority of us are gonna be...
  6. GreatWhiteHope

    Everyone Needs to Calm The Bleep Down

    Look guys, I’m not stoked about this virus 🦠 It’s a pain in the ass It’s gonna hurt all of our bottom lines And all the god damn rubbing alcohol is gone I get it but the hysteria is literally everywhere and y’all need to calm the @@@@ down and stop spreading the panic all we can do is...
  7. GreatWhiteHope

    The Los Angeles N Words

    Just because this was so amazing, thought I would share MSNBC host calls the lakers the Los Angeles N*ggers LIVE
  8. GreatWhiteHope

    Uber App Tipping - something wrong?

    So I might have missed this or be late on this but is there something @@@@ed with the tipping options lately? Feels like it is
  9. GreatWhiteHope

    Rose bowl

    I wanna kill myself just thinking about this place but I was thinking heading to the rose bowl today I know they restrict access at half time Can anyone give me the low down? where do the experts stage etc
  10. GreatWhiteHope

    Uber Admits in IPO filing: "Staff Thrives Off UberX Ant Tears" JK Uber bluntly admits it may never reach profitability crazy right?
  11. GreatWhiteHope

    Uber EATS in LA

    Simple question, I just cannot figure it out, it makes no sense to me at all Recently I’ve been ordering Eats a ton — love it honestly I know Uber pays them something but I’m also not a scumbag, u tip your delivery drivers, so I always tip $4 sometimes $10 if I like how they do business...
  12. GreatWhiteHope

    Teacher's Strike is Over

    Old new's by a day or two now, but the real question is -- Who's Fault Is It Going To Be When LAUSD goes bankrupt?
  13. GreatWhiteHope

    Week of January 7 - 13 Earnings Update !!

    Currently in between privates right now waiting for a client. I opened up this page to see who else was killing it this week and scoring huge fares. to my disappointment everybody seems to think its really slow and it just really upset me, so i wanted to post to let you guys know how my week's...
  14. GreatWhiteHope

    Rams games

    generally I always avoid these traffic nightmares But just dropped off at lax so kinda close How are the rides going outta there / how many big ones? Just generally speaking tho - drive black suv