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  1. Cwh

    Second day as NW Ind driver, and already very discouraged.

    Thanks. I appreciate your answering, but my Uber career ended last May when I finally found a job in my real profession, teaching, but for the benefit of others, I'll respond to you. A day or two after posting this, I completely gave up on NW Indiana, and started driving to Chicago every...
  2. Cwh

    driver app weirdness

    Three times in recent weeks, the driver app has apparently suffered from temporary insanity. Twice I was sent to pick up locations that were very far from where the passenger was. I know because after waiting for several minutes I called only to discover they were nowhere near where I had been...
  3. Cwh

    Snob rider gets his just due

    Good for you!
  4. Cwh

    Whats the most u made?

    $263 Along with several of the usual short trips in the city, I picked up some young people at a downtown hotel who were going to Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.
  5. Cwh

    Trip too short to register? (and pool question)

    Yesterday, in downtown Chicago, I picked up a couple who were going only two or three blocks. It was ridiculously short and I wondered why they didn't just walk, but whatever, I thought, it was just a few minutes and would mean two or three bucks. However, when I swiped to end the trip, I got a...
  6. Cwh

    Why silent pings?

    It wasn't the volume. As I said, all other audio functions worked just fine. I don't know what the problem was. I went to the Uber Green Light Hub, and they somehow fixed it.
  7. Cwh

    Why silent pings?

    It was already plugged into the cigarette lighter and worked fine for months. It just suddenly stopped working the other night. I don't have a Bluetooth enabled car as far as I know but I have a Bluetooth earpiece that until two days ago I always heard the ping noise through. I wish there were...
  8. Cwh

    Why silent pings?

    All day today, from my first to last passenger, my driver app was silent whenever I got pinged. Everything else was normal audio-wise. Only the sound that alerts you to a ping was missing. I haven't changed anything. Does anyone have a clue?
  9. Cwh

    Does Uber tell you when 5 minutes is up

    What I can't figure out is apparent random differences in how the driver app deals with wait times. Sometimes when I arrive I very quickly get kind of a red box that says something about cancelling if the rider exceeds his wait time. It never makes sense to me, because it appear just a minute or...
  10. Cwh

    passengers cancel but no cancel notification?

    Three times last night and a few times in the past, I accepted a ping and was on my way to the pick up only to see that the pick up info and map was simply gone and I was back the non-passenger pick up screen. Twice it happened after I'd arrived at the pick up location and had been waiting for a...
  11. Cwh

    App went bonkers at O'Hare last night

    Last night a passenger took me out to the suburbs, so I decided to go to O'Hare to see if I could pick up a passenger to take me back into the city. I got there around midnight, and there were only 16 cars in the queue. After a few minutes, I started getting ping after ping for pick ups in...
  12. Cwh

    How can I practice using the driver app?

    Yes, that's the basic operation, but what about when someone wants to add a destination, what about when you've waited several minutes and the passenger hasn't arrived, what about the pool? Sure the basic operation is easy and is usually all you need to understand, but there are any number of...
  13. Cwh

    How can I practice using the driver app?

    Why give smartass answers when somebody's asking for help? What I did was practice with my son. I dropped him off at the corner and drove back to our house. He had a cell phone and requested a ride. I got the ping, picked him up and drove to his destination a couple of blocks away. It cost a...
  14. Cwh

    Indiana insurance questions

    I live in NW Indiana but drive in Chicago. A couple of weeks ago, I switched my insurance to Progressive and saved a lot of money--or so I thought. I stupidly fibbed when they for asked if I did ride sharing. I later realized I had to fix that because they could deny a claim based on that. So...
  15. Cwh

    rush hour Loop + pool = insanity

    Thanks--very helpful advice. Thanks to all of you.
  16. Cwh

    rush hour Loop + pool = insanity

    OK, good idea, but I asked in my original post a question regarding how we're paid for pool passengers when no additional passengers are added. "And if anyone is kind enough to answer, I'd like to ask another pool question. If I pick up a pool passenger, and no other passengers get added, which...
  17. Cwh

    rush hour Loop + pool = insanity

    Who said anything about feeling special? I didn't. All I know is that the driver app that I'm using on my iPhone 7 gives no indication when I'm pinged that it's a pool passenger. It seems odd that it does for others but not me.
  18. Cwh

    rush hour Loop + pool = insanity

    What? Did you read my post? How can we not accept Pool passengers when, as far as I can tell, there is NO indication that it's a pool passenger when we're pinged? If you know something I don't know, which is certainly possible, please tell me.
  19. Cwh

    rush hour Loop + pool = insanity

    I seriously think that Uber should disable Uber Pool during late afternoon rush hour in the Loop. Not for financial reasons but because it asks the impossible of us drivers. With traffic gridlocked so that it takes ten or more minutes to get through a single light, it's virtually impossible to...
  20. Cwh

    Adding new destination messes up Google Maps

    Well thanks Steve, that's helpful, but I'm still a bit puzzled. You're right that Waze was my default, but then why, when I'm pinged and accept, does GM automatically kick in, without my having to press "Navigate" and start giving me directions to the pick up, and then after I start the ride, to...