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  1. OC Lady Uber Driver

    After 600 rides I had my first dog, and it will also be MY LAST DOG.....

    OC dog owners are typically cool about their dogs on trips sans the one who had an emo support pooch in a carrier and no notification that it was riding and sat it on the seat, and the tourist that allowed her rat dog to pace on my back seat and dig her nails into the armrests to see out and...
  2. OC Lady Uber Driver

    I just got my first 1 star

    Remember, it's them, not you and ride on. That one star will fall off the report soon enough the more rides you complete.
  3. OC Lady Uber Driver


    Mall pick-ups are the WORST and a perfect time to do a little shuffle when after you call the pax and they can't get to a safe pick-up spot. I love the ones who call you and say, "I'm at Macy's!" and that store has so many entrances that they don't even know which one they are at. LOL
  4. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Puke fee revenge! Your new gig job will be auto detailing rideshare autonomous vehicles.

    Real certified mechanics don't work for the cut rates Lyft wants to pay them. And the article states these new service centers are designed for faster service. A mechanic could slow the work to get his true hourly rate. Just like rideshare drivers who drive s-l-o-w.
  5. OC Lady Uber Driver

    can u become rich doing UBER ?

    Leases have mileage caps. Your "actual earnings" will be less after you pay for the excess miles at the end of your lease. Oh, and you can't write off mileage on your taxes for any leased vehicle. But back to the topic, I've heard of many a driver working the referral program to earn more than...
  6. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Puke fee revenge! Your new gig job will be auto detailing rideshare autonomous vehicles.

    Imagine Uber and Lyft with no drivers at all. The only gig jobs left will be either repairing or cleaning autonomous cars. How much are you going to charge for cleaning up someone elses puke? LOL
  7. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Uber "help" refuses to fix GPS error resulting is lost mileage

    Google maps shot of the trip and send it to them. What are they going to do when you've got a copy of the trip history but pay up?
  8. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Hey Uber , I want you to take a close look and see what you've forced me to do

    I have 666 rides with Lyft, then I stopped. Not enough business from them in OC.
  9. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Pregnant woman wants me to move all of her stuff in and out.

    Uber tells you if it's too much stuff for your car to be loaded and drive safely, don't take the ride. Cancel and send them a message. I've moved a few college students and I don't mind waiting for them to pack their stuff and I'll arrange it, but I'm not going into peoples houses, hotels, etc...
  10. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Unemployment 3.9% - get a real job

    It happened to my dad. He was a machinist. He learned all of the latest equipment. Much of his skills and mastery could only be acquired through experience. I mean, this was a man who could do trig in his head, which blew me away. He used to make $100K/year and as time wore on, the industry...
  11. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Whatever happened to the guy in Tempe who killed that lady walking?
  12. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Laguna Beach pax are getting smart

    They place the pin wrong because no one wants to drive up their stupid hill. If they saw the actual pin, they would cancel immediately.
  13. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Unemployment 3.9% - get a real job

    The last time it was this hard to get a job, it was 1992 and I took a temp position the day after Thanksgiving which turned permanent 90 days later. I was there 10 years. So here we are, 2018, and I took a contractor job. I hoping to know if it's going to go perm by June 1st.
  14. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Uber Midweek Promos = No Surges at Commencements

    We should just stage at Albertson's and clean up.
  15. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Uber Midweek Promos = No Surges at Commencements

    UBER: Thanks for killing any chance of surge this week with all of the graduations and commencements going on this week. You did it again!
  16. OC Lady Uber Driver


    There's no place to wait there. It has a tiny drive way. There are residential homes with larger driveways than what this airport has.
  17. OC Lady Uber Driver

    What does the new Lyft LAX permit look like?

    What's so special about the new LAX permit? And where is the mini-hub to pick one up near LAX?
  18. OC Lady Uber Driver


    I could see Pool working within Santa Ana. Lots of poor folks there.
  19. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Lyft on the Toll Roads ??

    One of the things they don't bother to tell you is the toll charges to the rider during the trip almost never equal the toll you pay as the driver. If your toll is more than the riders, ask for the difference from Uber/Lyft. If your toll is less, no problem.
  20. OC Lady Uber Driver

    5 Dollar Gasoline

    If you had a real job that paid an actual living wage, then you could just stop driving. I hear there is a job fair today for the Inglewood football stadium site at Rogers Park.