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    New college grad PUA status

    Hmmm.... haven't seen this discussed anywhere yet. Not me, it's my oldest. Graduates from college May 16th, and she's out of state, won't be in AZ. It's possible the place where she's interning, in WA state, will have a position for her at graduation, BUT there is a LOT of red tape involved...
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    Uber sick leave

    Anyone here apply for the newly revised sick leave pay from Uber? I just did so, and just in time, have to apply within 30 days of your last trip given. Your account gets put on temporary hold while they queue up your request for evaluation. Supposedly gets addressed in 7 days, we'll see. I...
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    Auto insurance credits

    Very cool, my ins co (Amica) just notified me we'll be getting a 20% credit against our April and May premiums. I think 2 other big companies have announced 15% and/or $50 credits. However, my R/S ins co has made no announcements yet. What is everyone hearing from your ins co's?
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    Uber rate changes

    Look out for this crap in the Twin Cities! Lowered rates in the fringe areas of Phoenix. Higher rates in city centers. Where driving sucks. Hope you don't get this up north.
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    Lyft Preferred

    Not in my market.
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    Lyft Preferred - Not

    Not testing in Phoenix. 23 cities but not here. Similar to Comfort but no real $$$ info given yet. 4.9 and up, 2014 or newer, 37" of legroom. No recent dirty car complaints. Drivers have been notified directly if they're in the pilot program. Apparently not a separate service level...
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    Auto Accept

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    Well this sucks

    Ran into a rogue truck tire rolling across the highway this afternoon. Minor front end damage. Off to get an estimate.
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    No thanks

    I would never get in this car. Missing lugnut and about half low on air pressure.
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    Wait times

    Anyone seeing this yet? 1571713139 1571713202
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    Airport fee increase....

    .... has been approved. Wonder if Uber will have us PARTNERS sharing the burden with pax. Add $4 to dropoffs, increase pickup fee to $4.
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    Riding in Comfort service

    Tried a Comfort request to Gateway last week. Not offered in my rider app... Uber auto replies a bunch of tech solutions, nothing I hadn't tried. Yesterday I returned via SW to Sky Harbor. Lo and behold, Comfort shows up as an option to get home. So I just now checked again to go to...
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    Looooong haul!

    Compliments of pax. If you can't tell, the initial dest shows on the far right in Tempe, near the 101 and University.
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    Priority Pickup

    Pulled into the 44th lot late morning with 21-25 ahead of me. 2 min later I'm out with a Comfort "priority pickup" ping to T4. I'm not diamond level and won't be by the 31st. Maybe it's Uber teasing me with that perk to get another 218 points from me this month? First time I've seen the...
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    Pay discrepancy

    Ever see your Uber pay statement NOT agree with the amount that hits your bank account? Happened last week. It's only a penny short, but WTH?? I asked support to confirm and they claim the amount sent matches my pay statement, and said it must be wrong on my bank's end. My bank says no...
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    Return of Uber Teen

    Just saw on 3TV that Uber Teen is about to be tested here again, and 2 other markets. Just f'n great, right on time for summer. 1558501058 "Uber says only top-rated, experienced drivers have the option to pick up and drive teens." ...sigh...
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    Photo tickets

    First time for me, red light violation, which I really never do. But PV caught it on camera. I've read photo tickets go away after 30 days or so if you don't acknowledge receipt of it. Any truth to that? It's one expensive ticket... I know driving school makes it go away too.
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    $5 Uber fee

    Weird, my Uber pay statement this past week lists a Cancel Fee at $5. Anyone else see this instead of $3.75?
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    Accept Dispatch????

    What the heck is that all about? First Uber ping today is a small banner across the middle of the screen, all it says is Accept Dispatch. I ignored it first time and it was only shown for about 5 sec. Next one I tapped and sure enough it was a request. No audible component at all. This is...
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    Cancelled scheduled trips

    Now and then I've had pax cancel a scheduled pickup less than 30 min to pickup time. Always have had to manually submit a screenshot of it from My Pickups showing the time stamp. They've always paid out the $10 as a bonus, not a cancel fee. The 30 min was even spelled out in the policies...