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  1. Homie G

    Some Uber Drivers (aka:"👨‍⚕️") be like: "Rate of infection is slowing down! We are safe to lift the lockdown now and go back to normal ASAP!"

    Hey, our favorite shill. Average Person Your clear to go back to normal. You didn't get laid off at corporate yet? Maybe theres a few donut crumbs in the break room for you.
  2. Homie G

    I'll take it

    12 pack, 4 pack, bottles.. beer run
  3. Homie G

    S.B.D. ( farts) may be a REAL THING NOW !

    Well thats just one more weapon in the arse anal.
  4. Homie G

    Coming soon - your ride's smell disclosed to potential pax

    Pax: do you mind if I smoke? Me: do you mind if I fart?
  5. Homie G

    A month no driving

    Cool. I'm moving. F this rat race
  6. Homie G

    Any of You NOT Filing for Unemployment?

    Most everyone that's doing rideshare full time has had other past employment in W-2 jobs and paid a lot into the system. These drivers need this income for basic income. Absolutely, take this down time and try to better yourself or get into another field if possible. There is no shame in...
  7. Homie G

    Post in this thread if you've been approved for unemployment insurance for Uber or Lyft

    How did they pull that off? Are you getting unemployment? Can you provide some details on exactly how you guys applied and got approval. Did they file as independent contractors or employees? I'm in mich. too
  8. Homie G

    Erroneous Bad Reviews

    So like this was your fault? Lazy priks can't clear the path and report you for falling??. nothing surprises anymore
  9. Homie G

    Civil unrest avoidance thread.

    And making some other offers you can't refuse..
  10. Homie G

    No one has asked to sit in the front seat lately.

    If I was to go out and drive now they could expect a perfectly clean trunk popped for them to hop into. On second thought, that might even be too risky. Will have to text all pax and tell them skateboards only. Grab that rope and hold the hell on. And I do expect a great amenities badge for...
  11. Homie G

    Civil unrest avoidance thread.

    Those boards aren't gonna stop anything. Dudes been plowing ripped off rides straight through concrete, plate glass etc. here for years to chain up atms or load up on booze, smokes, whatever for years. That was before this shit. But this isn't the best hood
  12. Homie G

    Anybody File for Unemployment Yet?

    Anyone been deactivated after applying for unemployment? Not that it would be the in of the world... We're trying to save lives by not catching and spreading this crap. What's the best way to apply? Independent contractor or "employed" by uber using their EIN #
  13. Homie G

    This dude sums it up. Music

    I'll stick with Santa here.
  14. Homie G

    This dude sums it up. Music

    These chicks might have a word there whipper
  15. Homie G

    This dude sums it up. Music

    entitled: Stay the F home
  16. Homie G

    What do you think about credit cards?

    I don't know man. Times are tight. Use their $ and pay when the bill comes. Don't give a dime to the greedy banks.
  17. Homie G


    I'm worried about her too dude. Tell her Thank you! 4 real! she is way apreciated
  18. Homie G


    She is She is amazing. Thank her so much! The tough get going. Thats front line right there. She is MUCH apreciated!!
  19. Homie G

    Average Price of Gas in US drops below $2 /gallon

    Oil is $20 per barrel mainly due to demand being wayyyyy down. Gas should be under $0.99, which I heard it was in some areas from price wars. IF things turn around and everyone busts loose and gets back out there, gas will skyrocket. Can't win at this gig