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  1. Limovan

    New Blood...

    It's all in your hustle. People will sway you back and forth which way to go. You have to drive and watch your spots. Develop a game plan and make it work for you. Me personality my 9 to 5 is a mechanic so wear and tear isn't a issue. Fine the best wheels you can get that is reliable and move...
  2. Limovan

    The mastermind behind pool leaves Uber

  3. Limovan

    Why only $55 from Phila to JFK?

    Get that doe!!
  4. Limovan

    Brutal morning

    Colleges are leaving and tourist are coming. Unfortunately that means ucity is now a ghost town, temple will be locals going two blocks, mainline will be light.
  5. Limovan

    Uber vs Lyft at PHL

    Yeah you make more at any given transportation spot but you wait forever at the airport. Although yesterday, I was on 95 and I got a ping at baggage claim A, no wait. lol.
  6. Limovan

    PPA inspections

    As far as inspections. It's a joke. So mad when they have the authority to the ppa to handle this. If you known somebody you can get your stickers with no inspection. It's all bull.
  7. Limovan

    My longest trip

    30th st to West Chester.
  8. Limovan

    Quest promo PM rush

    Yeah, between traffic and crazy pedestrians, not worth it at all. not to mention pot holes.
  9. Limovan

    Did you guys get the lyft AMP notice?

    I'm kinda looking forward to it lol. I guess if Lyft keeps trending up, I will drive more with lyft, uber keeps getting the swimming pool ready. .
  10. Limovan


    So far so good lol. Been busy on lyft so far this month.
  11. Limovan

    Tip sign

    Sign is nice. Most don't care at all. Lol.
  12. Limovan


    Yes, when I can't drive, I list it on turo and people who need a car can rent it.
  13. Limovan


    Anyone else on here using Turo? I just signed up and have two trips under my belt.
  14. Limovan

    Rideshare Lot Safety!

    Yup , when you pull in. On the right..
  15. Limovan

    New Jersey Lyft Drivers Beware!!

    Yeah happens to me all the take in the am. 3 pinged in a row from jesrsey 4 in the morning and in in a surge in university city. I got a nasty email from them saying this is my third warning for my acceptance rateforK asked them to please send me request that are closer and make more sense. No...
  16. Limovan

    Uber driver hit the gas pumps

    Fill Er up..
  17. Limovan

    Driving for Uber or Lyft! Things u need!

    A passenger charger and a good mechanic.
  18. Limovan

    Rideshare Lot Safety!

    Least we have potties now
  19. Limovan

    Lyft rides way too far away!

    Yeah how bout NO!!!!.
  20. Limovan

    Do you drive in the snow?

    Pray for no cap. I'll be out there.