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  1. TXUbering

    No more friendly convo...

    Do you pick up mostly hobbits, dwarfs, or elves? How do you feel about picking up urukhai? Do wizards tip?
  2. TXUbering

    Another good weekend in Dallas

    Have you tried using that pinkie to "Big Mac"?
  3. TXUbering

    Been trying to induce a BM all day...

    Big Mac? :cautious:
  4. TXUbering

    Another good weekend in Dallas

    I drove through Deep Ellum last night and it was relatively busy, and I don't think social distancing was being practiced. I imagine our Covid numbers are going to increase in the next few days.
  5. TXUbering

    Mitch McConnell vows to end your $600 a week of enhanced Unemployment Benefits

    You can look at it in a few ways, it gives people an incentive to not work, or it gives companies an incentive to pay a better wage to bring in employees. I would've been perfectly ok with Amazon and grocery store workers striking. Sure it would've hurt a lot of people, but you have to...
  6. TXUbering

    Mitch McConnell vows to end your $600 a week of enhanced Unemployment Benefits

    I'm going to take my 'gubment cheese', stash it away, sell all my assets convert as much as possible to cash as well, let my Uber business go bankrupt (finally being an LLC pays off... a nice big tax write off), and not spend any money unless absolutely necessary. I figure I can probably coast...
  7. TXUbering

    Had a pax combo that got into a pretty violent fight in my car last night...

    What was their first suggestion, "Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?"
  8. TXUbering

    I'm back

    WB, and I hope we don't hear about this a few months from now, "Man's body found dismembered in freezer, wife states that she wasn't allowed access to her favorite websites".... And I can't recommend threads on here, as I feel that it would somehow affect my karma, but the Dallas city forum has...
  9. TXUbering

    Staring at a cousin in law booty

    lol, I went to pick up some food a few weeks ago and the woman that did curbside for me was wearing some spandex. She was a thick girl too, and I swear I could almost hear the spandex crying out. I've also noticed an influx of airline stewardesses and bartenders on dating sites.
  10. TXUbering

    California AG and cities sue Uber and Lyft

    I have to admit though, that experience may have also hurt me. I noticed that I started to get into a "comfortable rut" and found myself going through the usual routes, turning the app off when I'd get pulled into "bad parts" of town. I figured that probably hurt how the "algorithm" assigned...
  11. TXUbering

    California AG and cities sue Uber and Lyft

    This is generally what happens with businesses like this. I suspect Walmart would've failed once Sam Walton stopped running it with the community in mind, but Walmart has expensive lobbyists and was able to distort policy to line its pockets. The worse part about these manipulative policies is...
  12. TXUbering

    Conflicting Restaurant Notes.

    I recommend this mask, might get him extra tips...... :whistling: :whistling:
  13. TXUbering

    Conflicting Restaurant Notes.

    Sorry, that's the note I put in my order just to mess with Uber Eats drivers....." Go inside without a mask, there is a thermometer on the counter as you enter. Please check your temperature and shout it out to the barkeep. Please make sure you use the right thermometer as there is an oral and...
  14. TXUbering

    Where's the Fuzz?

    I haven't seen a drop. I wish with the lessened traffic that cops would start ticketing the idiots using the left lane to cruise.
  15. TXUbering

    I just filled my tank for $1.89 per gal. in CALIFORNIA !!!

    I paid $1.39 for 93 octane a few days ago.
  16. TXUbering

    99.999% Chance You Won’t Get The Virus!

    Not confirmed infected >< not infected. Might as well add "not confirmed infected" to "not confirmed NOT infected".
  17. TXUbering

    behold the future of ride share driver

    Just get one of these.... Although might kill your ratings, "My driver was a ****head"....
  18. TXUbering

    Best movie car chase scenes

    Most of the "rice burners" (yes I know it's not PC) I have encountered can't keep up. Maybe the "Furious" part is from them not being as fast as the movie leads them to believe that they should be?!?!?!
  19. TXUbering

    Best movie car chase scenes

    Sorry, but I called no do-overs.... :p And, I am so proud of my fellow anters that no fast and furious crap has made it into page 2, but I have just released some troll bait upon this thread.....
  20. TXUbering

    Best movie car chase scenes

    And my phone is apparently on the same wavelength.... Stupid auto-correct... but yes goof.... :P