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    LMAO. Do they really think drivers are going to be able to do this? How often? Everyday...
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    ‘Come Out Of Your Ivory Tower’: NJ Governor Under Fire From Unemployed Residents, Promises: ‘You Won’t Lose A Penny’
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    PUA Status Check

    So, has anyone - anyone at all - started to receive their PUA unemployment yet? I am still in the limbo state. Filed and cannot certify each week.
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    Dara Letter to POTUS

    I have to give him credit here. No matter what one thinks of what DC should or should not do, if they are going to pass a bill that aims to give relief to people, then gig economy workers should not be left out.
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    Murphy might put the state on lock down

    Only "essential" businesses will be allowed to open. It's unclear if that means Uber or not. They are bordering on martial law. They are going to cause another Great Depression!!
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    This is crazy

    I have never heard anything like this before. Someone else tried to pick up my last passenger before I got there. He told me the guy who pulled up had Uber and Lyft signs on his car and even knew his name and where he was going. My passenger knew it wasn't his car but as soon as he saw the...
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    Murphy says statewide curfew possible as coronavirus fears mount

    Yep, let's make things worse.
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    Welp, It's Bad

    I mean, I knew it would get bad. But this is really bad. It can't go on like this for any more than 2 weeks without severe economic ramifications.
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    Corona in my car!!!!!!!!

    I can't friggin' believe it!!!!
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    Reflective Signs

    I haven't gotten anything in the mail. Has anybody else gotten anything? Sorry, I know this stuff has been discussed in other places. I tried calling Support....and, well, you know how that goes.
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    Went to supermarket last night...

    Place was crowded at 8pm at night. TP gone. Water all but gone. Gatorade all but gone. Veggies depleted. Some might call this panic. I don't think so. With government, companies, etc., all shutting things down it's pretty rational to stock up on necessities. So, now supermarkets are being...
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    I guess you could say this is encouraging. Not everybody is an ant out there. I get a ping from a 5.00 before and, not by chance in my book, there is no time and direction showing on the ride. Immediately, the passenger starts saying that LaGuardia is his destination. I cancel out. What...
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    I did a drop off at the airport this morning and I am waiting for priority rematch. I get one for 37 minutes south which doesn't work for me, so I declined it. Immediately I'm getting a message from Uber saying it doesn't look like you're accepting rides, do you wanna stay online. I stay online...
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    The bill that killed freelance

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    163 Minutes South

    Who wants to guess where it was going (from northern Bergen)? :geek::geek:
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    Au revoir, Uber!
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    Can't get online

    Anyone else having a problem? When I hit Go it won't let me online. Reinstalled the app and everything. Calling Support now and nobody is picking up.
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    Another new one (multi-stop)

    I'm surprised this never happened to me before. At least I can't remember it. Picked up a couple at a retail store and they load a bunch of stuff in the trunk. I go to start the ride and then realize it's a multi-stop. Didn't pick up on it beforehand. I see they are on their way to another...
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    California narrative casts a pall over East Coast efforts to elevate gig economy workers
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    Throw Up, Thrown Out

    Picked up a guy at a bar around midnight. I was just about ready to call it a night. Timer was ticking down and I'm thinking it might be a cancel. He comes out with like 1:30 to spare. I knew he had been drinking but he looked OK enough. Sure enough about a mile into the ride I hear him burp...