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    How do you quit Uber? Simply stop driving or somehow make it formal?

    Haven't driven since last November. The vehicle inspection is past due and my drivers license in the system expires soon. I've not bothered updating either (my license is renewed but I haven't bothered informing Uber). Due to these lack of updates my account is suspended and I'm not going to...
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    Destination Filter search broken?

    All day long when I click the magnifying glass icon for the destination filter search and attempt to enter a destination, nothing happens and it just hangs with that dash moving back and forth causing the DF to be useless. Example of typing "LAX" screenshot attached. Everything else in the...
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    Vehicle inspections at select Jiffy Lube and Sprints stores covered by Uber or not?

    The Uber Vehicle Inspection page at the Los Angeles Vehicle Inspection Page states: "Uber partners with selected Jiffy Lube and Sprint stores in Los Angeles to cover 100% of annual inspection costs." However every Jiffy Lube I've called says Uber does not cover any of the annual inspection...
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    Uber eliminated "arrive by" in destination filter?

    The destination filter is crap. It frequently has you zig-zag back on forth on multiple $2.80 rides for an hour when it would only take you 20 minutes to get to your destination had you just drove straight there. But recently they added the "arrive by" function and let you choose what time you...
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    Harvey will cause gas prices to soar. Uber needs to raise fares NOW.

    Link to Vox article: Hurricane Harvey is a humanitarian disaster. It will also send gas prices soaring.
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    Possible LAPD Sting at Universal Metro Station

    Can't say for certain but this had all the telltale signs of a BS sting. At about 6pm I was dropping off a rider at the Universal Metro Red Line Station. The rider asked me to drop her off on the street outside the station where there were at least two Ubers dropping off or picking up their...
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    Now we must "complete" rides before canceling and cancelled riders can now rate us?

    (Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. It didn't come up in a search.) Was in WeHo. I had a personal appointment in Westwood in 1 3/4 hours. Too early to put on the destination filter and most likely I would get a ride that would give me enough time to make my appointment, even if it was going...
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    Got "Account Alert" for low acceptance rate.

    This is new. Many months ago I got an "account alert" for cancellations and that issue was rectified. I know from this board they will deactivate for too many cancellations. But my acceptance rate has been crazy low for months since more and more requests have been ridiculous 10 minute+...
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    Is is just me or are there now majority 10+ minutes away pings? (SFV, specifically)

    I live in Studio City. Up to last month, a majority of pings were for riders 5 minutes away or under. On times I decide to go online, as usual I wait for a surge at my location. I drive smart. Up to last month, my acceptance rate was over 85%. But in the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a...
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    I'd really like the Destination filter to work, but it fails big-time

    I've used the Destination filter three times. Once it matched me with two tiny rides that, although were in my intended direction, I had to go out of my way to get to the pick-up locations and only made about $3 factoring in gas and milage. The other two times the Destination filter matched me...
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    Stupid Uber map still shows Hollywood Freeway southbound Barham offramp as existing.

    10:45pm Saturday night. Rider wanted to get from Valley Village to the Mulholland Dr. area above Hollywood. The Uber app directed me to take the Hollywood Freeway (101) southbound and exit at Barham Blvd, then to turn left onto Cahuenga and then right onto Mulholland. The Barham exit has...
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    Turn off partner app notifications - lest you want to be awoken in the middle of the night.

    Had trouble sleeping, but finally managed to. Suddenly CLUNK! (roughly the sound of notifications on my iPhone). It was the partner app "Don't miss out on morning rush hour!" with reminders of busy morning commute hours. It was 2am. Uber, if I crash due to fatigue, I'm blaming you.
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    Uber, don't pool-ping when we're driving 65mph down the freeway!

    Taking a rider from DTLA to Santa Monica. While zooming down the freeway I got pinged multiple times. The pings occurred while I either just passed an offramp thereby requiring having to drive at least another mile to the next one only to have to back-track on busy surface streets and most...
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    Guys, don’t try to take advantage of drunk female riders.

    (This also goes for drunk male riders. This story happens to be about a male driver and a female rider.) Sadly I feel the need to share this story as a reminder of minimum moral standards that everyone should adhere to. Picked up three college-age female tourists right at Hollywood and...
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    Pinged: "1 minute" away. Accepeted ride: "12 minutes" away.

    In the center of a large dark red surge zone. I got pinged and it said the rider was "1 minute" away, but only a 2.2 surge. I accept it anyway. After the accepting, the app shows the rider "12 minutes" away! And far on the periphery of the surge zone. Knowing the rider will be furious for...
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    Acceptled many rides, got "internal server error", now account is flagged for not accepting rides!

    Last night on the westside it was surging like crazy. I got online and was pinged and I accepted. Then I got that spinning circle thing and then it displayed "internal server error" and the regular "online" map appeared again and I never got to give that ride. This happened several times in...
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    Uber, STOP the automatic rider notifications! They're bad for everyone!

    (Long time lurker, but only now feel compelled to say something.) The new automatic "arrived" rider notification function is a nightmare! The first ride using the app update was in DTLA and the peg claimed the person was on the 101. Obviously that was incorrect. When I was looking for a safe...