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  1. Limovan


    Anyone else on here using Turo? I just signed up and have two trips under my belt.
  2. Limovan

    Best drives while on the clock

    Sounds kind of dorky but I had the best drive tonight on Lyft. Went from Yunk to Devon, then I had a request all the way to West Goshen (near West Chester) for a pick up. Obviously to far for a normal fare. Plus normally wouldn't drive that far for a fare. But I had my 5 speed Forester going...
  3. Limovan

    Watch out Lyft drivers

    Watch out lyft drivers, I just got a weird call for so called lyft headquarters asking me to verify my account. Guy was saying he was calling from a recorded line, needing to verify my phone number or be suspended from the platform. Sure its a scam..WATCH OUT GUYS AND LADIES..
  4. Limovan

    Monday afternoon , Rush hour, no surge

    How could this be. 530 pm, no surge anyplace. Is there really that many newbies out here or what. What's going on!!.
  5. Limovan

    amazon flex warehouse

    Where is the warehouse located at. I just want to know where it's located. .
  6. Limovan

    Amazon Flex

    Is anyone on the forum doing flex?? How is it going and where is the warehouse located that you pick up the packages??
  7. Limovan

    uber black

    Anyone have a list of uber black cars that are ppa approved? ?
  8. Limovan

    lighted signage

    How's everybody feel about lighted signage since we are now legal? ??
  9. Limovan

    silly driver

    Sad how this is showing us drivers. Not that it's hard enough..
  10. Limovan

    Baltimore Uber

    Spending time this weekend in the inner harbor area in b more. You know I had to do a trio or two.. Did two trips before my wife caught on..
  11. Limovan

    Referral payment

    Has anyone else been having issues with uber getting their referral payment?. First time they said the driver didn't use my code Second time,they said he didn't use my code again This time I watched him put the code in. They still are saying the same thing. Plan going there tomorrow and...
  12. Limovan

    NYC tnc drivers

    I'm guessing nyc T&C drivers can pick up at the airport here but we can't in nyc... That's bull..
  13. Limovan

    Zillow channel

    Anyone interrsted in a new channel on zillow. Current one is dead and no one every talks on it. Part of the drivers problem no one communicates.. Lets get it together and look out for each other people.
  14. Limovan

    Uber pool

    Who's ready for this carp Uber pool. I'm going to see if I can opt out..
  15. Limovan

    We in trouble!!

    Please read!!!$50m-fine-against-uber/1088937/
  16. Limovan

    Pope update.

    I found this link on the papal website. We are allowed untill 2am Sat and 3 am Monday.
  17. Limovan

    Last night was MEH!

    Last night was a slow night for a Saturday. Started out in Aston, surge was 3x. Awsome right, nah, not one single ping. Swore I was going to make a run to west chester but nope. Tracked back ti the hole in cc. Made only 55 bucks lol. How did everyone else do?
  18. Limovan

    We have a street name...

  19. Limovan

    Weird pick up last night!!

    So last night, I was at city ave waiting for a pax. Got a ping in the Montgomery park area. It's 10pm, dark as hell, no one is there... I figured someone was broke down or something. So, I followed the dot, get there, and it two little Caucasian girls, maybe 16 in the middle of the park...
  20. Limovan

    Vehicle pics on profile

    I heard from a pax this morning, we can add a second pic for your vehicle. Can everyone confirm this.