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  1. goobered

    Strange customer behavior

    Since the virus panic started I've seen some really strange behavior from customers. Some are obviously getting cabin fever. Some seem really agitated or anxious. And some are trying to micromanage their delivery. One guy on UE requested that I leave the food outside on the back porch, and...
  2. goobered

    Lyft full of roaches

  3. goobered

    Great advice from Uber

    Before and after every delivery, make sure to wash your hands.
  4. goobered

    Is boost an illusion?

    I had two trips yesterday that were very similar with close to the same pay and mileage. Normal pickups with no wait times. The thing is one had a 1.4 boost, and the other didn't. On the one that didn't, the trip supplement made up the difference. Trip supplement was lower with the boost...
  5. goobered


    Anyone delivering in a market that has a curfew? My city is about to impose one. With exceptions being made for people travelling to/from work but I'm not sure how they will look at folks doing delivery. They are also encouraging everyone to order food for delivery so it seems like they would...
  6. goobered

    GH's unfair scheduling system

    Sometimes when I drop a block, it immediately disappears, indicating that system determined the block was no longer needed. No, it's not soneone else snapping it up that fast, usually they sit unclaimed for awhile. What irks me is I still get penalized for dropping the block, even though they...
  7. goobered

    I feel so bad

    I accepted a DD order today for $9.xx, short trip. When I picked up the order it was a big one in a very heavy bag. It went to one of the suckier apartment places. I recognized the building number but still had to drive around to find the right entrance. Then had to lug this big bag up to the...
  8. goobered

    Long wait times, restaurant took an attitude

    How do you handle long wait times? If I am there 5 minutes and no one speaks to me I prefer to move on. But if I have taken the trouble to drive there, it really burns me up to take a loss on it. Tonight was so bad, I just stopped accepting pings because almost every place I went to was...
  9. goobered

    One of my last rides

    This happened back in October and I quit doing rideshare shortly after. One of my last rides and probably her first. One evening I picked up a young woman at an apartment complex out on the edge of town. First bad sign was she wouldn't walk up to the car. It was dark so I couldn't even see her...
  10. goobered

    Restaurants not accepting orders

    I have been seeing this a lot more than usual in the last few weeks, mainly with UE but also GH once or twice. When I get to the restaurant they say oh our tablet is down so we didn't get the order. Someone forgot to charge the tablet so we are not taking orders. We are out of X so we are not...
  11. goobered

    GH place and pay

    I was determined not to do any place and pay orders with the new GH card, but an offer came in with a nice tip for a short delivery distance. So I was like what the heck, I'll try this and see how it goes. I was a fair distance away from the restaurant so decided to call and place the order...
  12. goobered

    Food delivery needs new tipping guidelines

    My understanding (correct me if I am mistaken) is that food delivery customers are prompted to tip a percentage of the total order amount. This doesn't seem right to me because in most cases (unless it's a really large, heavy order) the amount they pay for the food really has nothing to do with...