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  1. Benjamin M


    It's fascinating how the brain works. I suck at basic math but I excel in programming, which shares a lot of similarities to algebra. I learned several programming languages and varients quickly. Decided to try Spanish on [app] today, flying through it. I can almost feel the language center...
  2. Benjamin M

    Return of the Taxi

    One thing that I have noticed over the past couple of weeks is a noticeable increase in taxis in my market. And drivers do not appear to be taking any precautions, no masks. Prior to this pandemic, RVA was filled with pink and blue lights passing by. I maybe saw two taxis a week, with pax even...
  3. Benjamin M

    There's always hope

    I haven't been on the road since Mother's Day, doing delivery. Things are slowing down in that area and RS as a whole is dead for now. Been a bit depressed. I randomly thought of my grandfather, Hatton. He returned from World War II needing to support his three children and his wife, with...
  4. Benjamin M

    Inadequate gas exchange

    Received a request on a Q&A site on how an "EMT" would treat "inadequate gas exchange". Me: "assuming that you mean difficulty breathing and are using EMT as a general term", followed by a detailed response. Medic with about 15 years more in the field (me at 10), "I'd pull your finger". UP...
  5. Benjamin M

    Did my part..

    I answered a question on a popular site, just received a notification that it was featured to 13k members. The question was how should [the pax] rate a driver that stopped to check their tire pressure. And this was a pax during the pandemic. My answer - High rated driver here, a bit over a...
  6. Benjamin M

    And, just like that, delivery is dead

    I was killing it for weeks. $20-30+ an hour, stacked pings every day, awesome tips. Just like that, about three days ago, barely getting anything on Eats. Tips suck in general, hovering around $12-14 an hour. Everywhere I go, no matter if it's peak times or not. Doordash is busier but paying...
  7. Benjamin M

    "Wear a mask"

    Started noticing something over the past couple of days, especially at restaurants. It's apparently the new fashion statement, a mask on your chin. 🙄 McDonald's. Four associates with a mask on their chin, one wiping sweat from his brow while wearing gloves - because those are to protect him...
  8. Benjamin M

    Damn I love rainy days 😂

    Stacked pings, stacked pickups, 100% tip rate. All Eats. Love how rain thins out the herd.
  9. Benjamin M

    First time using CarAdvise

    Gotta say, first time was decent! One Uber Pro thing that has paid off. The shop did not receive my 1pm appointment until 12:30, due to the time zone difference with corporate, but I was in and out in around 20 minutes when I swung by at 1:50. Local Pep Boys. Full synthetic oil change for...
  10. Benjamin M

    Where's the Fuzz?

    Has anyone else noticed the absence of law enforcement, particularly running radar, since the virus really kicked off? I have seen two State Troopers in as many weeks. A handful of city units and maybe three county ones. Zero traffic stops. The speed limit is meaningless right now, people...
  11. Benjamin M


    So, I'm still enjoying delivery. But had my first tough day. Scored my first thumbs down (basically 1*) today by no fault of my own. Was delivering a hot coffee drink and a sandwich from Wawa about 13 minutes away. Had another ping, thinking it was stacked I accepted. But it was another pickup...
  12. Benjamin M

    Pay it forward

    I decided this weekend to perform random acts of kindness. No, I'm not going to video tape myself doing them. Nor am I going to say what I have done. I've helped several people already in the past six hours alone and they have promised to pay it forward, including to my family. Do something...
  13. Benjamin M

    Things I am thankful for today

    My wife has me listing positive things every day during this. I'm a "pessimistic @@@@@@@" a lot of the time, but I prefer "realist". Today, I am thankful for The roof over our heads Our pup having a chance to play with his doggy friends and some kids who love him Watching some neighborhood...
  14. Benjamin M

    Things I have noticed back out on the road

    So, I applied for unemployment last week and was denied because I have been an independent contractor for a long time - most recently, ride share. States are struggling to catch up with the changes, including Virginia, and delivery / transportation is "essential". Out of necessity, I began...
  15. Benjamin M

    Couldn't take it anymore, went delivering

    The last time I was on the platform was the 16th. I'd say about a day before the shit really hit the fan in my state, I knew that Uber X was done for and not worth the risk. Hand sanitizer was becoming scarse, paper products were still available and food options were plentiful in the grocery...
  16. Benjamin M

    Bored videographer

    Known this guy since we were lil kids. He's bored to death, has a great career in media. Reminiscent of stuff he made as a kid on VHS 😂
  17. Benjamin M

    Gotta vent, people losing their minds

    "Someone" important to me confided that a child of theirs has been having seizures (absence and focal motor) for weeks, along with serious headaches for months. I told them that their child needs to be seen immediately and be scanned, preferably by one of the main pediatric hospitals nearby...
  18. Benjamin M

    Unemployment Status poll

    Think this can be helpful. Reply with your region and suggestions.
  19. Benjamin M


    Been kinda down. Spending time outside watching movies because it's hot upstairs in our crummy (yet still expensive) apartment. When I've been out here, a bumble bee has been hovering over my head. ANYTHING that comes near me - fly, yellow jacket, wasp, etc - it goes right after it. Once I...
  20. Benjamin M

    Let's go shopping!

    Went to the store earlier. Fully stocked of toilet paper, paper towels, all of my favorite grilling meat, and just about everything else I could ever need! Even hand sanitizer and soap! Then the dog licked me. Rolled out of bed, damn.. Time to go shopping. I have more but you...