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  1. El Janitor

    When can I expect my car to die?

    Suspension and cooling and electrical. Hybrid, eventually the battery pack in the trunk will die and the car wont start. When you have ited to your mechanic they will most likely charge you $4000- $5000 to replace it. If you try to do it yourself you could get electrocuted if you aren't...
  2. El Janitor

    what happens if you get a DWI?

    You may want to look for another job the clock is ticking till they deactivate you. Just a heads up polish that resume and apply everywhere before they do.
  3. El Janitor

    Buying a new car, need advice

    Toyota Prius is hands down the most economical Hybrid out there. Camry hybrid gets the same gas mileage as my gas civic. Here's what you want. You want a car that is durable, won't break the bank when something needs a repair. You should already know if you drive full time the miles add up...
  4. El Janitor

    Anybody File for Unemployment Yet?

    New LA Times Article about Uber and Unemployment for those here:
  5. El Janitor

    California and other states closing all bars
  6. El Janitor

    I think you’re crazy if you’re out driving in this epidemic

    Well some people need to go out and make a living, so why not buy some antibacterial and sanitizing stuff and wipe down your car a few times a day? You run a chance of getting sick every time you step out into the public anyways.
  7. El Janitor

    Is this your only source of income?

    Funny but it could be again soon.
  8. El Janitor

    RX for dull headlights ?

    Amazon has a pair at a very reasonable price should last about 5 years before they start doing the crappy plastic headlight thing that all plastic headlights do.
  9. El Janitor

    Are you Ashamed or Proud of driving U/L?

    No I could care less what people think of me and what I do to stay alive, whoever does can happily take a walk in my shoes. So long ago I eventually decided to go to school and specialize in a Career Field many, and let me tell you something about how I've seen things work. You apply for jobs...
  10. El Janitor

    Fat Person Tax

    You should feel lucky nobody ever charged you a jerk tax.
  11. El Janitor

    That carrot they dangle in front of you...

    Get in the car and drive. Stop buying the gimmicks like every job they want to find ways to make you work harder, and maybe just maybe here and there you'll get that bonus. However like every job base pay is base pay thats what you get, everything else is in the mist somewhere maybe possibly...
  12. El Janitor

    New charge for vehicle inspections

    Its like $80 - $150 at some repair shops to do it privately.
  13. El Janitor

    Deactivated due to false accusations, can I sue?

    No you can't sue Uber you agreed to litigation for everything. You can get a Lawyer and sit down with your lawyers and their lawyers and do that instead.
  14. El Janitor

    Karma? What to do when condescending non-tipping millennial calls asking about item left in car?

    Just give it back, even though er friend has an attitude problem.
  15. El Janitor

    How Do You make This Work For You?

    The guy at the upholstery shop today just asked me if I Uber full time. Told him no, and why.
  16. El Janitor

    How Do You make This Work For You?

    So I'm still Ubering, and my current boss sometimes makes me want to quit his wonderful place of employment for so many reasons. However that ugly reminder comes back around, "Well what will you do to pay the rent?" Now I don't quit my job to drive Uber. There was literally no jobs out there at...
  17. El Janitor

    Time for tires

    $70 Prepaid card that you can use anywhere on a set of Michelin tires ends 12-13-2019 ...
  18. El Janitor

    Getting other U/L drivers as PAX

    Ok I've been a passenger a few times. I've had good experiences and bad as a passenger. All kinds of drivers, all kinds of passengers.
  19. El Janitor

    ❄Entitlement of the Snowflake Millennial Pax❄

    Not a passenger can a passenger can't. Sorry about that. I guess we can't edit posts after someone replies now .
  20. El Janitor

    ❄Entitlement of the Snowflake Millennial Pax❄

    Day 1 transportation training. "You are in control of the vehicle you are driving. No passenger can order you to do anything that is unsafe regardless of who they are." So this rule applies to military transportation, and I think it's solid. In my opinion a passenger can tell you what route to...