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  1. fairsailing

    Lyft Paycut

    What does mileage is good mean? You should know exactly your miles driven per dollar earned. Yes $0.55/mile is a tax write off. I know you know this Slyster, but just in case others don't, you are saving $.55/mile x your tax bracket of let's say 15% or 0.15 x 0.55=$0.082 per mile. I still...
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    State Fair dropoffs

    Stay off Snelling, Larpenteur and Como (in front of fair) at all costs. Go in from the west, do all your pickups and drop offs at the Robin lot off of Bufford. Tell folks you can't do pickups and drop offs at Hoyt. I would do 280/Como/Hendon/Bufford. Wash and repeat. Do not go in or out any...
  3. fairsailing

    Lyft Paycut

    Been out of the business since Fall 2018, but thought I would check in. Unbelievable rate reduction. Looks like there was never a way for Lyft to make money using drivers. These rates barely cover operating costs, with no pay or deprecation. Good luck everyone!
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    So sorry to hear your news Brandon, but that is a classy and compassionate way to respond. Wishing you both the best possible outcome.
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    Is Lyft doing ok or are they headed to complete failure?

    They don't need this guy for an IPO. They are selling.
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    Is Lyft doing ok or are they headed to complete failure?

    They can't compete, they have been aggressively ceding marketshare to Uber in order to get their profit margin up on the reduced number of rides they are giving. Some may say this effort to pretty up their P&L for their IPO, but they're ceding of marketshare to Uber is just too aggressive for...
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    Good Saturday ..Gophers , Hockey

    Nice! $50+/hr. Nice to see great rates again, looks like they might be short drivers, about time. Even though my car is da for mileage, Lyft is still offering me $600 to recruit drivers.
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    my first scheduled pickup went wrong

    Select scheduled rides are fine. With most markets paying around $0 60/mile, Lyft is paying for your car and a little for labor, maybe minimum wage. Drivers make money on PT and tips. A majority of airport runs are now scheduled rides, airport runs are one of the few sources of good, steady...
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    my first scheduled pickup went wrong

    Always take a screenshot of the schedule ride you signed up for, with detail. Submit a ticket with detail of compliance, specifically request a $10 fee for your time. They used to always, without exception, pay these. For awhile they actually gave you these rides pretty reliably, but it looks...
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    Or you could go over to the Wabun D pavilion in Minnehaha Park on Saturday between 11 to 2pm and picket the Lyft 5 year anniversary party. You could even call a couple of media companies ahead of time. Or not.
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    Prime Time is a Hoax!

    The only folks left on Lyft here are new drivers who are trying to make their $1,200 signing bonus by doing 300 rides in 30 days. First year that Lyft has kept their signing bonus this high all year. They really have no choice, but they are just chasing their tail.
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    Prime Time is a Hoax!

    At least in our market, surging to double and triple fares off of a base of $1 plus per mile was very common during busy times, so it made this strategy very effective, especially if you used real values for car operation and depreciation expenses. You could significantly increase your profit...
  13. fairsailing

    Prime Time is a Hoax!

    Has Lyft stopped showing PT in the offer screen? We always get base fare offers in the middle of PT because the folks with PT are trying to wait it out or ordering an Uber. This used to be market forces at work, now it's mainly just surge surpression.
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    Prime Time is a Hoax!

    Hope you are not driving towards PT available. It works best to anticipate PT, let the newbies clear out the base fares in a busy area, then go available. Best to even turn off gps while you wait. However PT is just a shadow of what it was, even with fewer cars and higher demand. Lyft is...
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    POLL: Ambient environment

    Silence is golden. I talked with pax, but never music. But they can bring their own, and often do, thankfully with earbuds. Think I had one complaint of no music in 3 years, 3,000 rides. 4.9 or 5.0 entire time. But we are all independent contractors, it is more important to be comfortable with...
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    Lyft purposely stoping guarentee

    Drivers for Uber, Lyft are earning less than half of what they did four years ago, study finds.
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    Lyft purposely stoping guarentee

    This drive for a profit is killing driver income. Never seen it like this, someone in the media needs to start covering this. I wrote my City Council guy, but I never heard back, not especially surprising, U/L are probably campaign contributors.
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    Vehicle wanted

    For Lyft, an older MDX would get you both Lux and XL and would allow you to avoid getting pinged with base fares if you didn't want them. But would have to be no older than 2011 I believe for Lux (2011 are around $14k). Probably only realistic for low ride count/hours drivers driving high demand...
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    Airport Runs - Downtown to MSP

    At least for Lyft in the last six months, I have never had the pax rate change, even when ride breakdown indicates that Lyft lost money on the ride. There must be some extreme set of variables that would cause the riders' rate to change, but I never found it. When I had to take much longer...
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    Lyft hits a billion rides

    Probably 3 guys running a phone, car sharing gig, maybe brothers who look enough a like to not get flagged. Running 18 hrs a day, 6 hour shifts, no problem as long as the two fakers don't have an accident. Lyft won't look too hard, not in their interest. In a good market that's maybe $350k gross...