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  1. dgates01

    It's nice to feel appreciated

    My highest tip to date, plus a pair of gloves and masks.
  2. dgates01

    The Oil Glut is Good News For Us!

    I haven't seen gas this cheap in California for a long time. I realize some places in the country are probably seeing it for just a buck or so. Either way, it's a nice benefit for us who drive for a living. A bit more money staying in our pockets.
  3. dgates01

    Ping's Left and Right

    Anyone else super busy today? I turned down far more than I accepted because I only wanted to be out for a little while. And it's no surprise that I'm seeing the ton of drivers waiting outside restaurants for orders. I wonder when things return to normal, if people will be wanting to go back...
  4. dgates01

    Uber Driver in New York Times Article 1586060658 He only got help because the media got involved.
  5. dgates01

    Take a photo of... the food?

    I got this prompt on the last delivery for someone that wanted it left by their door. I was already back in the car when I started to complete the delivery. But I got a prompt to take a photo. And I'm thinking, take a photo of what? So I'm guessing it wanted me to take a photo of the food at the...
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    Send Thanks for Tip

    I've only just seen this on the app. Has it been on there for a while?
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    We're Finally Getting Some Love

    And it only took a pandemic for it to happen.
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    2 Drivers Picking Up & Delivering Simultaneously

    Has this happened to you? Me and another UE driver each got handed a bag at Outback Steakhouse going to the same place. The customer must have wanted an add-on to their order. So I said to the other driver, "I'll see you over there. The race is on". She ended up getting there first, but I got...
  9. dgates01

    Nearing 3000...

    .. deliveries doing only Uber Eats. I only work about 15 to 20 hours a week, so if I was full-time it would probably more than twice that number. How many deliveries do you have?
  10. dgates01

    UberEats India Sold to Rival

    Maybe a sign of things to come elsewhere? Or not, as I've heard Uber Eats loses slightly less money than Uber rideshare.
  11. dgates01

    What Do You Listen To?

    When driving? I only do UE, so I can listen to the radio all the time without caring what a passenger wants. For the longest time, I listened to Sirius XM, but got bored with it. Now it's all about podcasts from all kinds of people (a lot of comedy stuff). It really helps the time go by quicker...
  12. dgates01

    Are Boosts Returning in Your Market?

    They've been slowly creeping back in here in Bakersfield. I wonder if the lower pay has scared off enough drivers that they have to do this now? For me personally, I'm working about 1/3 as many hours as I used to because it's just not worth it to get out there and drive around for so little...
  13. dgates01

    4.9 million DoorDash Customer's Hacked

    Maybe Uber Eats will see a slight uptick in business. That is until they get hacked. ? NBC News: DoorDash hack leaks data of 4.9 million customers, restaurants.
  14. dgates01

    Unknown Charge by Uber on Gobank Account

    Anyone ever get one of these? I know sometimes we'll see a charge for more than you made when you're getting gas or something, but I didn't do that today. And those kind of charges drop within a couple of minutes after you finished pumping the gas. I had no notifications from Uber, like someone...
  15. dgates01

    Turn on your damn porch lights, people!

    If you know your front door area is super dark, then turn on the damn porch light, especially when you have a step up from the walkway. I almost lost three drinks in a carrier tonight before catching my balance and recovering. But there have been a couple of times where I did slip and fall...
  16. dgates01

    Just Received a Tip from May 5th

    Just got this 10 minutes ago. Obviously some kind of glitch. The $2 didn't show up in my earnings. Or maybe it did, but that was back in May, and the notification is the glitch.
  17. dgates01

    Cheapest Delivery Fee?

    I just saw this when looking at the UberEats customer app. A fast food place about 1/3 of a mile away from my house.
  18. dgates01

    Customers Changing Addresses Flags Me As Possibly Fraudulent

    I've called them twice over that last few days when the customers didn't give me the right address. Most of the time I don't do address changes, but felt like I'd do a couple for the hell of it. It's always a pain in the ass calling support for those measly extra few bucks, but that is what they...
  19. dgates01

    DoorDash Says It’s Very Sorry You Noticed Its Tip-Skimming Scheme I can't believe they were actually doing this.
  20. dgates01

    Doing UE in a Suburban

    That was the sad sight I saw today. A gal picking up for UE at the same restaurant as me in a Suburban. It's bad enough that my Accord gets only 30mpg, but she's getting just half of that. I imagine that for every $100 she makes with UE, she's only keeping about 40 bucks after fuel expenses. I...