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    Is tipping on the way out? Here's why more travelers are joining the 'do not tip' movement

    Tipping has reached a tipping point. Many travelers say they're tired of shelling out gratuities to everyone they meet – hotel concierges, luggage porters, tour guides and, of course, restaurant servers. Enough is enough. They do not tip anymore. The changes are happening slowly. Travelers...
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    To those of you complaining about being deactivated...what would you like U or L to do?

    They're already doing all they can. What else would you have them realistically do?
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    Lyft drivers can join Walt Disney World union.
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    CNN Reports, 100's of drivers accused of sexual assault
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    Walt Disney World to create their own TNC.

    Read about it here.
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    I think this helps show that Uber drivers are employees.

    This is a recent article I saw on CNN. Independent contractors should be able to set working conditions.
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    Could Orlando Drivers File Suit Over Cost /Mile?

    Under law the price per mile UBER is charging is illegal. Do drivers have a claim that UBER owes them back for the difference?