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  1. Micmac

    Finally I fired uber and Lyft!

    My advice to anybody driving Uber and Lyft go find a job even if it's a minimum wage job it's much better then uber and Lyft . Good luck . C Y A
  2. Micmac

    Does Lyft accept town cars?

    Thank you in advance answering my question!
  3. Micmac

    Boston-based attorney argues Uber’s star ratings are racially biased
  4. Micmac

    Uber’s Upfront Pricing is Secretly Overcharging Passengers Without Paying Drivers

    Anytime you pick up an uber pax ask them if uber charged them upfront fee if yes ! Take a screen shot of pax receipt ,and bring it to media attention also you can file class action suit with drivers in your area! Furthermore uber is now delaying trip amount from showing instantly part of their scam
  5. Micmac

    Lyft pax are worse than uber pax!

    Any freaking @@@@@@ having issue with uber drivers switch to Lyft! Lyft become uber trash bin! Thinking I m gonna put up with their S&@t !
  6. Micmac

    Prove uber are thieves !

    What a clowns!
  7. Micmac

    Who s driving you?

    Here you go bro
  8. Micmac

    Scam Alert! Xchange lease!

    Beware Xchange lease adding bogus charges to your account ! They claim you have parking tickets and tolls even if you don't ! As I always said stay away ! run far from uber and any programme they offer !
  9. Micmac

    Lyft is stealing my tips

    Anytime I finished my trip I check the balance ! Then when I go back to check It again I find couple dollars missing! Is it pax changing tip amount? or Lyft is stealing! I m gonna start taking screen shots as evidence ! And I will drag Lyft ass to court!
  10. Micmac

    Dfw tolls going up next Month from $2 to $4

    The end
  11. Micmac

    Why uber does not want drivers make Money?

    If somebody know why please let us know! Thx in advance !
  12. Micmac

    This Is Why You Might Not See Any Uber Drivers On The Road Anymore Hope Juno be for the drivers!
  13. Micmac

    You Can Make More Working At McDonalds Than Driving For Uber Go find real job ! Don't waist your time ! The end!
  14. Micmac

    You have to work the whole day nonstop to make $200!

    Salavery for real! What a bunch of clowns ! They need to be shut down like Austin ! This is ***** joke !
  15. Micmac

    Hey drivers did you Know......

    Building an app like uber only cost $165.000! Why pay %30 to uber and they treat you like ****! There are 400.000 drivers now ,if each one pays $100 you guys will rise 40 M ..... To be continue!
  16. Micmac

    Thank you Lord!!!

    No more Uber /tyft in Austin!! Next Dallas/Houston! Amen!!
  17. Micmac

    We Don't need lawyers or Unions!!!

    I have a free solution! Just turn your fracking app off 2 hours during busy hours and those son of the ******* will get the message thx.
  18. Micmac

    Um ... Now I m confused!!

    I was listening to the radio this morning 10:80 am They mention that uber driver allowed to solicit tips!! But uber is saying that tips not required or anticipated!!! So which one is true?
  19. Micmac

    Blank page !!

    When I click to tha pay statement I get white page !! Does this happening to anybody? Or uber trying to hide the numbers from IRS or trying to screw the drivers ?
  20. Micmac

    Steve Wozniak Just Blasted Uber For Poor Treatment Of Workers