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  1. Uberbrent

    New toll rates go into effect in January

    Time to start checking tolls again!
  2. Uberbrent

    Anyone looking into Carfie?

    I have seen posts on social media lately about this new rideshare company coming into the DFW area. They are supposed to start today? To me it appears flaky, but would appreciate feedback.
  3. Uberbrent

    Pickup at the new Dickies Arena

    Has anyone ventured over there yet? Is there a strategy in place for rideshare? George Strait scheduled there in a couple of weeks.
  4. Uberbrent

    Wingz coming to Dallas

    Any thoughts? I know the car requirements are nothing over 5 years old. Supposedly they give you 85 percent (minus some fees). Pricing seems to be between comfort and select. It is only pre-arranged rides. Anyone on board with them yet?
  5. Uberbrent

    Platform (XL) options not showing in Uber app

    I had heard that this was an issue over a week ago for several drivers. While I normally do not have that option selected, there are times at events where XL will be higher priced than black SUV. The option no longer shows up so I called the support number Sunday afternoon. This was an...
  6. Uberbrent

    DFW airport to raise passthru fee

    Just saw a story that effective Oct. 1 the $4 fee is being raised to $6...better make sure you stay 8 minutes.
  7. Uberbrent

    Uber/Lyft holding lot at AAC no longer available

    I don’t know how many of you attempted pickups last night at the Hugh Jackman concert, but I did a little investigation prior to the concert to get some information. According to the arena and the police that work the pickup area on All Star Way north of the building the Uber lot no longer...
  8. Uberbrent

    Here comes the Boom for many Black/SUV drivers

    April 1st a lot of SUVs drop off the list of acceptable cars...should be interesting.
  9. Uberbrent

    Recording another persons image will get you deactivated on Lyft - updated policy According to Lyft’s new policy, broadcasting OR recording another’s persons image will now get you deactivated. Enjoy.
  10. Uberbrent

    Maria - UberEats skuzzbucket

    I really hope Maria watches these forums. She marked the delivery as completed as soon as she picked it up and then failed to deliver. I hope you choke on that $75 worth of food. We called the reateraunt and they said the food was still there an hour after the driver marked it as delivered...
  11. Uberbrent

    Low gas price in Denton

    Was driving back from Winstar tonight when I noticed that unleaded gas was $1.18 at Buckees. I don’t know if this was for a promotion or not, but there was a lot of business there. If you happen to be in the Denton area, it’s probably worth it to fill up. This is the new buckees in denton
  12. Uberbrent

    At least they are paying what it’s worth...

    Got this in my app today...such a deal:
  13. Uberbrent

    "select" now has 1-6 passengers

    I sent in a correction to uber support for having 5 riders on a select ride. I only drive select, black, and SUV. Notice the statement that the number of riders does not increase the fare. I sent another statement to them showing them a screen shot from the rider app that shows it is for 1-4...
  14. Uberbrent

    Waze pool - new fun

    so...I’ve been seeing advertisements for this new ride share opportunity. Have they even studied the perception among drivers for pool?? How are they getting drivers?
  15. Uberbrent

    Uber Tipping - Driver opt-in

    I heard from a friend today about this subject. She received a request to pick up in the university park area and proceeded to the house. The woman came out and said that she needed the driver to deliver a suit coat to her husband at the Arboretum as he was speaking and had forgot his suit...
  16. Uberbrent

    Vehicle stickers for black/SUV

    i made a bad assumption about not needing vehicle sticker while driving Uber black/SUV and thought the state law was for all rideshare vehicles. Not a problem....I went and paid for the city inspection and now enroute to pick up the sticker before Uber deactivates me ( yes, I have already got a...
  17. Uberbrent

    For all the drivers...

  18. Uberbrent

    Insurance renewal time for Uber black/SUV

    OK...Its renewal time and my current insurance (Progressive) wants to include an 18% increase over last year. Who has the local contacts for commercial insurance? Thanks in advance.
  19. Uberbrent

    Monthly Pass for riders

    Anyone figure this out yet? From the limited information that we received, the rider gets a discount and unlimited rides for 28 days. The drivers get the pick-up at flat rates. Does this mean that they get around surge pricing?
  20. Uberbrent

    City Patrols at AAC

    Code people were in the Uber lot at AAC last night writing tickets for not having permits. You have been warned.