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  1. Cdub2k

    COVID-19 has been around earlier than first expected

    Autopsies find first U.S. coronavirus death occurred in early February, weeks earlier than previously thought It makes one wonder has this bug been going around months or years before this and just have been glossed over? Here's an interesting article about that possibility
  2. Cdub2k

    Uber Connect email

    Apparently my market will be a test market for Uber Connect and Uber wants me to be one of the Ginny pigs for it. I really don’t see myself participating in this. I can easily see Uber Drivers being used to transport drugs or other illegal means.
  3. Cdub2k

    My COVID-19 Success Story

    I typically drive on the weekends. I last drove 3-7-20. I was planning on going out of town the next weekend for my birthday so I wasn't planning on driving until the following weekend after that. Well as you know COVID-19 mania took off from there once the NBA suspended their season March 11th...
  4. Cdub2k

    Detroit Bus Driver dies after posting viral video about being coughed on by PAX

    This is heartbreaking to know that he died from what happened. You can tell he was already getting a little congested and starting to get the sweats during his video rant
  5. Cdub2k

    Uber with Care Notice

    I saw this when I logged into the app a few minutes ago.
  6. Cdub2k

    Boober Eats is up and running

    Looks like there’s a stripper service in Portland, OR that is providing topless food delivery service.
  7. Cdub2k

    Texas Man arrested and charged with Misdemeanor for spreading lies about COVID-19

    Texas Man arrested and charged with Misdemeanor for spreading lies about COVID-19 Now isn't the time for Pranks People!!!
  8. Cdub2k

    New Orleans Cancelled Events

    The Governor has closed all bars and restaurants, casinos and movie theatres Just add it to the pile of cancelled events. I'm still holding on hope that the JazzFest at the end of April can still go on. I'm planning on going to Jazzfest this year as well as driving Uber on those days. I put the...
  9. Cdub2k

    3 times in a row might get me to change my strategy

    I take a good look at my backseat each and every time passenger(s) exits my car. It helps me catch left behind items before the passengers are gone. I picked up a guy yesterday and took him on a minimum fare trip just outside the French quarter. We had a decent conversation and then we pull up...
  10. Cdub2k

    Does Uber mess with the Brightness of your phone?

    I bought an iPhone 11 about 2 weeks ago. I haven't driven with the new phone yet as I finally transferred everything over to it 2 days ago. So next time I go out there it'll be with the new phone. I have gone into the APP to look at a few things. Despite not going online yet I have found that...
  11. Cdub2k

    San Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus

    The motherland is preparing for an outbreak. Will the ants continue to work under these circumstances? Will enough ants stay off the app long enough to create a constant surge for those ants who do decide to risk their life? Will Uber even offer them the surge or keep the extra earning themselves?
  12. Cdub2k

    Kindergartner with Down Syndrome pointed gun at teacher I'm sure the teacher is emotionally scared for life.
  13. Cdub2k

    Air Force Recruiter lied to me

    About 3 weeks ago I dropped off someone off at the airport. Didn't get a rematch and wasn't gonna sit in the 100+ Ant-Lot to wait 1-2 hours on a $20 ride so I head to the other side of Kenner. I get a Ping and the pick up was over at the Rental Car Area at the old airport in Kenner, La...
  14. Cdub2k

    Do you use the Navigation Audio Function?

    Back in 2017 after a few weeks of doing this gig I cut off the GPS audio because I hated how it interrupted my Pandora music that I play. I find it really easy to follow the directions just by reading the directions and looking at the Uber Map. My wife is the opposite she doesn’t do Rideshare...
  15. Cdub2k

    Uber Tip % similiar to a MLB hitter

    The Best Major League Baseball players bat .300-.350 in any given season In other words no amount of training, film study, repetitive drills, sign stealing, or even taking HGH or steroids will stop even the best of the best from making an out at least 65% of the time. It's similar to being a...
  16. Cdub2k

    Post your Weekend Quests or Bonuses Here

    With the help of the Mods maybe we can have this topic kept up at the top as a Sticky Thread. I’m curious to see what kind of quests and bonuses Uber is offering different drivers across the country. The attached pics are New Orleans Quest and Bonuses for the College Football Championship Event...
  17. Cdub2k

    How can you do this to us on New Year's Eve?

    I drove 12PM-5PM on New Year's Eve and the trip below was my 2nd trip of the day but the 1st trip in the New Orleans area: I was parked somewhere in Uptown where I received an unusual Ping "pick up premium, 2.5 mile pickup, 12 minutes". I don't think I've ever gotten a pickup premium ride...
  18. Cdub2k

    Unable to login to the Desktop Uber site

    I was attempting to log in to the website to get my 2019 stats and I noticed that it simply takes me to a screen where I can only update my email address, 1st name and last name. Is anybody else having this issue?
  19. Cdub2k

    Nice Try Uber

    What’s wrong with giving us the standard market mile/minute rates Guaranteed to the pickup point for these kind of offers and make the Riders pay that fee? I’d be happy to pick up the guy and basically bring him back to where I am plus 5 minutes. If they really want someone to drive 15.5 miles...
  20. Cdub2k

    Cross Reference data and some random info.....

    I don't take use Uber as a rider often. In fact I think I have had a total of 15 lifetime trips. I took 2 Uber's last month. The first one took us (wife and I) from my apartment to the cruise drop off and of course we got one coming back after the cruise. It feels good knowing that I took an...