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  1. kingcorey321

    door dash . your acc rating . Holy ... how long will this last ?

    I will just be kicked off line my acc rating is 18 percent . I just cant afford to accept rides that will pay me less then min wages . DD will offer rides for 4.25 and 9 miles or that 2.50 and a drive through known to be very long and 6 miles . Or that walmart 7 dollar offer that used to...
  2. kingcorey321

    Anybody help me out selecting a new watch ? The pulse checker kind.

    Yes im looking for a watch that checks pulse blood pressure ekg reading if possible or heart reading where it shows that pattern . If no ekg its alright . I am looking to spend 50 or less . There are so many on line for sale idk if there good or not . Thanks ladies fellas . Stay safe and...
  3. kingcorey321

    n95 face masks .

    How do we know that a n95 is a safe mask with all the knock offs out there? are these the real deal ?
  4. kingcorey321

    Any drivers trade fx ?

    I have 22 years experience with forex . pattern trader . If you would like to trade ideas message me ill trade emails or chat in here . current position ......long cad /chf @6808 goal as high as she keeps going 6914 before pullback we shall see . picture i posted is meaning less. off the web
  5. kingcorey321

    Door dash . Who has the lowest rating ? Also lowest acc rating .

    Darn . So i took a few orders 15 . My rating is 3.0 its on a brand new account . My other dd account is 4.69 On my older account they never reviewed me until i had 50 . Also my acc rating is 15 % Tax reason yea i have 2 accounts . cant comment further on that topic .
  6. kingcorey321

    Who is going back to work next month ?

    Here in mi . I see we MIGHT be back to work on the 15th. Then we prey that c19 dont spread like wild fire . I and my family and some friends decided to take off the next month . If it flares back up again you already know it will be 10 times as many people. Ill stay home be safe only place...
  7. kingcorey321

    I.C advice.

    So i now have 2 accounts on ic 1 my woman other mine. Ok i will go shop will say kroger I will accept a great offer at a location. typical 23 to 27 each . 30 items .give or take . On the other app ill search the app at the same address of a great offer . I will keep a eye on the app...
  8. kingcorey321

    What did you do today ?

    I Went to the park and took a 2.5 mile walk with the dogs . Were ordered to stay home so i was the only person at the park. The dogs loved running with out a lease on . To keep my self busy i wired the lighting in the basement . Click 1 switch and every light comes on its very cool . Tomorrow...
  9. kingcorey321

    Michigan . unemployment update . Read THIS .

    AS i have been saying my friends all are sitting home drinking the budweisers where your all out risking your life. here the email To many people are dyeing here they want us to stay home and be safe . I know some of you think this covid is a total hoax 3 of my friends have dyed from it ...
  10. kingcorey321

    trump check ? did you get yours yet ?

    please tell us what state you in if you already go your check.
  11. kingcorey321

    car payment ? not for 120 days ! thanks

    Call your finance company . Better to go online . I just got my payment stopped for 120 days .ally finance My wife has got her payment stopped for 2 months . community fiance . If you dont see a option online then call . Also for credit cards and home loans there may be an option for you .
  12. kingcorey321

    Sorry spam. virus.

    I talked to a few healthcare workers today asked them how bad this virus really is. They told me every single spot of the hospital is totally full of sick people .Patients are in the hallways even. People are dyeing here there putting bodies into trucks with coolers . They told me there is...
  13. kingcorey321

    Unemployment for mi . This is great news for you . apply and get 600 weekly .a vacation for you !

    The governor, under the federal CARES Act, signed an agreement between Michigan and the U.S. Dept. of Labor to implement Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Compensation programs that grant benefits to workers who do not already qualify for state unemployment benefits. Workers include...
  14. kingcorey321

    So uber lyft dd gh is very slow. Hmmmm apply for unemployment

    What would happen if some people filed for this ? They could put in reason for filing ( lack of business ) Its true. I bet they would get it . What are your thoughts on this ?
  15. kingcorey321

    Thread we really need. Talk about anything but corona virus or its effects

    Hope everybody has a good weekend .There are a few really good movies im going to see today . What are you doing this weekend ?
  16. kingcorey321

    who else got this from door dash?

    here you go . In response to the public health emergency posed by COVID-19, we’re announcing a new COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program. With this program, Dashers in the United States (including Puerto Rico), Australia, and Canada may qualify for up to two weeks of financial assistance* if...
  17. kingcorey321

    Insta cart Who is delivering for them ?

    My market near detroit mi . Slammed 1 after the other offers . Today i did 7 offers and i picked and choose the orders I Have the total time down to about 38 minutes per order . Every order is averaging 17 each here . Total average drive is about 3 miles to the grocery store and 2...
  18. kingcorey321

    New way of dealing with no car seat

    I pull up . Gee wiz zero baby seat ! Come on pax please tell me you have a car seat in your home ? Pax says bla bla . Now i used to explain the no car seat issue but after getting repeats i am done ! I now call lyft safety team . I tell lyft that the pax swore at me after informed them...
  19. kingcorey321

    actually had good money making day.

    First offer dd 6 bucks 2 miles . second grub hub 33 dollars 3 miles taco bell . the tip was 27 bucks ! thanks so much i shook his hand . I Delivered food to this couple before last time they also tipped me in the 20 range . 2 People for tack bell 150 dollars worth of food guess...
  20. kingcorey321

    what website actually has 100 % free no fee tax

    I have 2 1099k . any suggestions who to use and not pay 100 to file ? its usually 200 but gh gave me a 100 off the fee for turbo tax.