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  1. tryingforthat5star

    Instant Pay In Progress

    As the title states just randomly last weekend I noticed that all my instant pay deposits into my bank are now showing in progress. I've had this bank for over 2 1/2 years and never seen this to recently. Anyone else noticing this lately? The money reflects in the total balance but apparently it...
  2. tryingforthat5star

    Air Purifier

    With this whole Covid 19 going around has anyone thought about or have any experience using an ultra violet based air purifier in the vehicle? Were talking before this scare even started. I know the at home ones work good but not sure about in car. I seen Amazon has some small cup sized ones...
  3. tryingforthat5star


    So I started out in Philly doing Uber in 2016 then moved to Pittsburgh but just had to move back and man what the hell is up with the tipping down here? It's like legit no existent after 40-50 rides I seen like 2-3 tips compared to Pittsburgh which was easily 10-12 per 40-50 rides even if it was...
  4. tryingforthat5star

    Call to Cancel Ride

    Just noticed tonight I can't cancel after a 5 min wait I have to call the customer then I can select didn't show up? If you dial out it must start to ring then you can hang up and get your $5 no show fee another way Lyft is trying to boss around the driver's
  5. tryingforthat5star

    The End of an Era

    Well guys I have to move back to the Philly area again for work and it's time for me to start to wind down Pittsburgh here. I have a few more weeks left to do Uber here but it's been a great time since Feb 2017. I recall the first time I did Uber here it was a Sat night the Flyers were in town...
  6. tryingforthat5star

    Hurry the F$ck Up

    I had a guy last night legit text me that while in a stacked que to him. Once I spotted it I let that 3 min cancel hit and nailed him for the $5 now you can wait a little longer on top for the next Uber driver lol!
  7. tryingforthat5star

    Philadelphia Activation

    So I'm a driver in the Pittsburgh region and for little over a year I can't operate anywhere in the Philadelphia region when I would visit my gf in Hatfield or visiting friends. For the record I could sign on anywhere West of Reading including Harrisburg. So randomly Fri night it allowed me to...
  8. tryingforthat5star

    Driving long hours and balance

    Does anyone notice after they drive long hours say 6-10 straight not really taking a break that they feel a little off when they get out of the car or home for the night. Not so much like motion sickness but like as if the human body is just worn out from all the processing and focusing while...
  9. tryingforthat5star

    Most Profitable Ride Last Night = BK Included

    Did a pickup last night around 2:30 AM over on 7th drove two guys back to there home near Brentwood the one guy asks if I can stop at Burger King on Brownsville road so I said sure I'm not driving much longer I'm ready to head home. Guy proceeds to order three medium BK Bacon King meals and...
  10. tryingforthat5star

    Uber steals your surge trick

    So I picked up a $9.75 surge driving through a hot spot carried it for about 5 min then get my ping and reject it because it's too far away. So the next ping comes through I still have the $9.75 surge and guess what it's the same ping as before so I reject it bam there goes the $9.75 surge. Uber...
  11. tryingforthat5star

    Toyota Pavillion

    Uber drive here from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia 2 1/2 years checking in looking to hit up a concert at the Toyota Pavilion in August with my gf but I'm reading up on a nightmare of traffic leaving this place. Can someone fill me in on how this place works is it easier to meet a driver somewhere...
  12. tryingforthat5star

    Tom from Lyft

    I've ran into this guy Tom twice now he works for Lyft as a recruiter and seems to operate out of the Robinson area. Once in your car he will try to recruit you. His know places he hangs are Robinson Walmart, Marriot Airport and Sheetz on University BLVD. He basically skips back and forth from...
  13. tryingforthat5star

    Wait for me to drink my beer

    Rolled up to this one bar, guy gets in the car says I'm loaded I'm rich here is $20 bill can you wait till I finish my beer in the bar.. sure.. So I wait, then wait some more, finally after 10 min I said ok I don't mind waiting but I mean come on now I ended up canceling and got my unofficial...
  14. tryingforthat5star

    Surge Adjustment

    Took a while but I think I caught onto to how it works. I know this has been talked about in the past but the whole idea when Pittsburgh started flat rate surge was the loss of those nice surge runs. So I'm going to throw together like three times where I seen the surge adjustment and most...
  15. tryingforthat5star

    Still Owe Taxes After Mileage Deduction

    This situation came up last year and again now this year. Basically I did $21K Net after all of Uber deductions and I had 18,000 miles online off just by there mileage log. So let me see if someone can figure this out real quick between both jobs and there not exact but there close. Uber - $21K...
  16. tryingforthat5star

    Ordered by Accident

    She says she ordered the Uber by accident at 3:30AM last night.. hey can I cancel, so I said yes go a head and cancel thinking she would do it but didn't. Now back in the day when we got 2-3X surges I would have said screw it I'll eat the $3.75 loss NOPE not anymore continued on my journey right...
  17. tryingforthat5star

    So Slow..

    That I signed on this morning at 1130 AM left Wexford drove to Downtown stopped on the way got Starbucks, got some gas then turned around headed back to Wexford and managed to run into Target, to do some shopping, Giant Eagle and Sheetz to get food and beer with the app signed on the whole time...
  18. tryingforthat5star

    Philadelphia No Go

    Just figured I would share this as some of you know I moved to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia about 2 years ago and when I first got out here I was shocked how good business was. Fast forward right now no dice for us drivers if you have to do a crazy run there once you get into Philly the app will...
  19. tryingforthat5star

    New Surge Coming Soon

    Got the notice on the app tonight about the new surge system coming. I personally think it will spell the end for most drivers here making a decent amount of money over the weekend in high surge areas. The days of grabbing a nice 2.0-3.0x ride for a good 15-20 miles will be done with should be a...
  20. tryingforthat5star

    Progressive Insurance Rideshare Request

    So I was involved in a fender bender back a few weeks ago not at fault other party took claim to it. So during the photo process of submitting pictures of the damage Progressive caught the Uber sticker on the windshield and requested a week or two later updated info on both my cars if they are...