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  1. Thatendedbadly

    Anyone Working Opening Day

    Yeah, I am, but at a real job. A job with good pay, paid medical-which I can decline and collect the money for-paid holidays, etc.
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    Uber needs you, False!

    That's how the message appears in my Yahoo! account, the vertical bar on the left shows the sender, Uber, the subject of the message is 'needs you, False!' These guys must have a huge pair. I got the survey the other day from Uber asking me how likely I was to recommend driving for Uber to...
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    Self driving cars are a pipe dream...

    Well, no, the only reason Uber's in business is because they didn't have to invest massive amounts of capital in purchasing, insuring, fueling and maintaining vehicles. The Uber model only works now because of that one fact.
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    Chariot for Women (only)

    "and beauty services en route, offering passengers 15 minutes makeovers in the back seat" I think someone's troll fu is at the master level.
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    IS it Safe to drive Uber in Metro Detroit at night?

    Well it can happen any time of the day but you are increasing the chances of picking up drunk pax that will hurl in your vehicle. Other than that......
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    Rate Increase!

    Actually the net loss is over 5.5%, note they've only increased the rates from the reduced rate. Use a $1.00 rate for the example, a 15% decrease lowers the rate to .85, an 11% increase from there only comes to .9435, not .96. This is typically what they've done in every market where the rates...
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    VIDEO: University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students’ Profanity, Slurs At Uber Driver

    Unless Dad goes to jail-he's a real estate 'developer' apparently, junior won't be working at Mickey D's anytime in the future, probably. Don't forget, he's also attending UM at the main campus, not exactly community college. But hopefully this @@@@@@nozzle will be collecting his karma in the...
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    [Poll] Would you rather have Bonuses or Tips?

    Agreed, that 3rd choice-better rates-would be the best choice for drivers and ultimately pax.
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    Our 2nd @@@@ing fare cut!

    .216/minute can hardly be described as 'lucrative', but I suppose it's a little better than actually driving, assuming it's not winter or 98º in the summer and you don't have to keep the car running.
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    Uber spending YOUR commission in CHINA!

    "China’s transport minister said earlier this month fare subsidies and the supplementing of driver wages by ride-hailing companies were competitively unfair and unsustainable in the long-term." Gonna guess that those folks assembling iPhones in China can't afford Uber, China is a big market but...
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    I picked up 2 criminals today

    Worse yet, it's entirely possible you won't get paid for the ride.
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    Serious issues with children and no car seats

    Well, no, while all passengers need be belted per Uber policy, car seat/booster seat requirements drop off at age 7-8 in most states with a minimum weight requirement thrown in. Child restraint laws have been on the books for at least several decades, btw. If a pax gives you grief about not...
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    My first Uber ride

    Whoa, not sure why you would feel it necessary to give this driver 5 stars. The radio stays off unless the pax requests it, blasting loud music for the pax? Really? Not having their phone plugged in and charging while driving? Not ending the trip and charging the pax for minutes? What about the...
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    Uber driver killed in Detroit

    In the city that's correct, two drivers have been killed in the city within the last month, both African immigrants.
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    Sayin' no to the ghetto

    In Detroit those driver immigrants are getting murdered, and the immigrant community in concerned.
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    Uber driver killed in Detroit

    Detroit isn't as bad as folks make it out to be, but that being said, this is about as shitty a thing as I can think of, poor guy was just trying to take care of his family. Hopefully someone will set up a GoFundMe account for them.
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    DONT LIE... how many of you have gaz guzzlers??

    Dunno. In Michigan the authorities have been treating the 'ride sharing' outfits pretty leniently, there was a keruffle back in February about picking up pax at the airport but I think it was mostly bs. Can't vouch for other areas. On most nights here there are usually a half dozen suvs parked...
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    IIRC they were 90% acceptance rate, 25% completion rate, 1-1.5 average number of fares per covered hours. Like most things Uber, it's at least a little scammy, don't have one of the t's crossed and you don't get the guarantee.
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    DONT LIE... how many of you have gaz guzzlers??

    Escalade would qualify for premium SUV rates in DTW, minimum fare is $25, $16.30 for the driver after Uber's take. I imagine the fares are thinner, careful driving could make it a pretty decent part time gig in these parts, but probably pretty thin at full time rates.
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    question about Uber app

    Or you could just download the pax app, the surge rates are updated in a more timely fashion-more accurately-than the driver app. And you never actually have to take a ride to use the app.