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  1. merkurfan

    Txt phone number for Uber notifications plz

    2 years ago I stopped driving for Uber (amazing it's been that long) I now need to get back in to it. The text messages about demand and promos was annoying so I sent the "stop" message. Now I can't get past the 2 step. Support is demanding details about my last 2 rides or they won't help me...
  2. merkurfan

    Get out of my car!

    wow... I wonder what lead up to his head exploding. Sounds like she was a typical PITA uber rider before she calmed down and rolled the camera.
  3. merkurfan

    Turned down by back ground check for flex..

    pardon? I have never failed a back ground check. What exactly are they expecting? saints? Clean driving record for 10+ years, clean criminal record all the way back to my teens, no felonies, no DWIs no drugs.. Are they looking for saints?
  4. merkurfan

    well, 2 months of not driving, got deactivated..

    Oh well... Never did the city inspection, that is why they turned me off... what ever will I do with my free time now??
  5. merkurfan

    Something tells me I'd get deactivated for giving them 15 minutes of my time..

    a 50 dollar uber credit? why would I need (or want) that? Hi Merkurfan, My name is Amy and I work on Uber's User Research team. I'm looking for drivers to participate in a 15-minute phone interview with me to help Uber improve its service. I want to hear about your experience using Uber so...
  6. merkurfan

    Amazon Prime now comes to my market (MSP)

    Is this Amazon flex? I can't seem to find out anything about who is doing the delivery. (I want in on it if it's like flex)
  7. merkurfan

    what I do instead of uber..

    I don't uber much. frankly, uber has to pull the deactivation gun out to get me off my ass for them.. that said, this is what I do to make money.. Now, this car is to old for Uber but.. I pulled it out of a riders garage, they sold this car to me for 100 bucks (getting any ideas yet? it all...
  8. merkurfan

    If you have a Nissan Versa.. You may want these mats click used, they are 14.12.. Free prime shipping or spend about 20 bucks more for free shipping.
  9. merkurfan

    Heck yes I sent this..

    Hi Merkurfan, I noticed you’re one of our top partners in Minneapolis, but haven’t been driving with Uber lately. Wanted to personally reach out and see if you had any questions or concerns, or if you needed any support from the team. Uber demand in Minneapolis is growing every month, and...
  10. merkurfan

    This weekend guarantees

    So.. does this mean one has to stay on line in those areas the whole time? what if a pax takes you out of that area? GUARANTEES Saturday: $25/hr minimum booked from 10pm - 12am $30/hr minimum booked from 12am - 3am To qualify you must: Opt-in to the guarantee by 4PM on Saturday Accept at...
  11. merkurfan

    Car inspection.. how perfect does the body have to be?

    I see no reason to go deep in debt buying a car to uber. I have a perfectly good 2005 Ford Focus that I bought for next to nothing. It has some rock chips in the paint from age (its still under 100K) and a 4 inch scratch in the roof back by the rear window that was touched up. Mechanically I...