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  1. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Is this uber driver getting the full cleaning fee?

    LMFAO peep the backseat. Wtf it won't let me post a live leak video link. /view?i=2cf_1503267351 <-- remove 2 spaces
  2. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Interview of a real uber clown

    Enjoy. A tesla for uberpool riders lmao "As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve partnered with Uber for a 3-post series.". Well that explains this propaganda piece.
  3. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Had a nice laugh about tips

    So I was delivering pizza couple days ago and as I knocked on the door the girl answered and thought it's her uber lmao(do uber drivers knock on doors lol wtf?) anyways her roommates ordered pizzas and they tipped me $6.40. As I pet their dogs goodbye the girl runs out to the uber and I ask her...
  4. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Want to take Uber Cash trips?? This is what will happen

    This is what uber cash trips will cause.
  5. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Thanks Postmates

    Can I tip a Postmate in cash? Our system is completely cashless and Postmates have been instructed to not accept cash tips. If you would like to tip your Postmate, feel free to do so once the order has been completed using the digital tipping feature in the app or on the website. Thanks...
  6. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Is it time to #DeleteUberDriverApp too?

    Can we all just dump uber and move on with our lives? I texted several liberal friends today and they all said they deleted the app. Is it time for us to stand with the riders and delete the driver app? I know the ants will never do this but we smart drivers better wise up. When uber loses...
  7. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Travis' worried #muslimban will lose him drivers LOL

    Travis is sweating today. From all the uber liberals deleting the uber app and now this. When you get into bed with trump, bye bye Travis.
  8. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Cheap rides aka UberPool

    Image is a screen shot of a review for the uber app in Apple iTunes App Store. Just makes me laugh how sick people are. Then they have the gall to say "uber takes care of passengers then drivers" yeah thanks UberFool rider. Any drivers accepting UberFool you deserve cheap a-holes like this.
  9. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Uber tracks pax location 5min after end of ride

    Just saw this on my local nbc news channel. Said latest pax app update allows uber to track pax phone location up to 5 minutes after they end the ride and exit the uber. Travis wants to know when and where we eat, piss, and sh1t...
  10. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Uber gave destination IN PING

    So I am sitting waiting for an early morning airport run ping, I was in safari the iPhone browser actually lol on this website here and I get a pop up text type request and to my shock it had destination as the airport around here. I accepted it quickly and didn't have a chance to screenshoot...
  11. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    UberChina merges with DiDi

    Travis folded, got down on his knees, and kissed the feet of DiDi.
  12. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Uber driver with spare tire lmao

    Uber driver pulls out of airport lot with a request and a spare tire on his car. Welcome to the lower rates pax, let's hope you make it to your destination alive. Wish I could've snapped a pic, he'll probably be back after the drop off.
  13. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Ants #%#%#%# ants

    Ants everywhere this morning doing airport runs for regular fares. I made it to 2.8x, 1.9x, 3.2x, 1.7x, 2.1x, 2.0x surges offline without anyone near by and didn't get a single ping then here come the ants working for regular fare killing surge. It was a line of like 15 ubers coming from the...
  14. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    "$6,700 is yours for the taking"

    "When you invite others to drive with Uber using your referral code, you’ll earn up to $700 per driver. All they have to do is complete 40 trips each. It's simple–the more you refer, the more you earn. Here's how it works: 1st Referral $500 2nd Referral $600 3rd - 10th Referral $700 (each)...
  15. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    "Off-the-charts Demand!" LOL

    So uber sends text saying: "UBER: We're experiencing off-the-charts demand! Riders are waiting for you--log on now to earn big!" I look and only the average post work surge barely a 1.5x. Text made it sound like the whole city was 5x surging. Back to shooting basketball hoops I go.
  16. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    So after 1 week the new guarantees are over lol

    So here uber cut the rates about 5 weeks ago. They had guarantees running for that first month after the cut to rates: 5pm-3am fri and sat $22 an hour before uber fee. $16 an hour every other hour of the week. Then on March 21st they introduced new guarantees which were no longer around the...
  17. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Uber getting desperate referral now $750

    So uber just raised the amount we get for referrals in my city from $250 to $500. So it's $500 for me and $250 for the new driver. Uber getting desperate the driver pool is shrinking lol
  18. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    So I took 4 uber rides last night as a rider

    Ok so I took 4 uber rides last night as a rider. Here is the recap... 1. 1st ride, requested from my house, app said driver 7min away, I set the timer, he pulled up at almost 17min mark. Older Prius, was very dirty on the outside, Windows inside can see smudges and finger prints. Driver didn't...
  19. Dontmakemepullauonyou


    So got an email for uberEntreperneur... "To encourage riders to ask about what you do when you're not behind the wheel, we'll provide UberENTREPRENEUR badges to be displayed in your vehicle." Lmao I thought they didn't want us to talk about our other work to avoid promoting it over uber or...
  20. Dontmakemepullauonyou

    Uber cuts drivers pay 25% in PDX

    I'm sure we know ubers tactics by now, cut prices 25% saying "it's to warm up winter" but the cuts usually last after the cold has gone. In fact they usually get cut more further in the year. Now min fare is still $5.85. That consists of $1.35 SRF and $0.50 Portland ride origination fee. Min...