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  1. WhydoIdoit

    Big Brother In Ur Back Seat

    Uber introduces new feature to let riders ‘discreetly’ snitch on their drivers - The Verge
  2. WhydoIdoit

    Deerfield country club tonight

    There is a large Christmas party getting out at 9:30 p.m. at Deerfield country club in Clarkson I caught a nice XL ride out there from Henrietta. I'm sure it will be surging.
  3. WhydoIdoit

    Uber Comfort

    Looks like uber comfort is now available here in Rochester. Has anyone around the area had any experience with getting these requests? What have been the riders preferences for quiet and temperature?
  4. WhydoIdoit

    California passed the law

    Well girls and boys, now watch the fun begin These dumb idiots out there insisted that they become a employees. I've already heard on the news this morning that Lyft has said there will be scheduled workers meaning no more logging on and logging off whenever you want, scheduled areas to work...
  5. WhydoIdoit

    $21/Hr Employee

    How in hecks creation do people think that Uber is going to pay and unlimited amount of drivers 21 and hour? Guess what? There will be scheduled drivers. No more logging on and off when you want. The driver pool will be reduced by at least half. Think about if they did this in Rochester. All...
  6. WhydoIdoit

    Climate Control

    Yesterday, here in Rochester, it was 85 degrees. I used two different Ubers as a passenger and both times the drivers did not have the air conditioning on. On the first ride, I was freshly showered and was going out to dinner with a lady friend of mine. With the windows being open her hair was...
  7. WhydoIdoit

    Percentage Tip Option

    Has anyone else noticed a reduction in tips since they took away the dollar amounts? I know when I first used the percentage tipping, it threw me off. I feel people want to know exactly how much they spending in the tip. Too much math for some people. It should be $2-$3-$5 or other option.
  8. WhydoIdoit

    Good old Logan

    If you don't know who Logan is, he is the quirky blind kid that lives in Grey Stone Apts. As you may know he ends everything with "post haste". Well, I was dropping him off at his apt and I was walking him to his to door. I am trying to be cautious as he is blind. He decides to lecture me as...
  9. WhydoIdoit

    Pax Refunds

    If for whatever reason a Pax gets refunded for the ride, will Uber let you know that it's being done or will the ride and earnings just disappear?
  10. WhydoIdoit

    May 8th Log Off

    Are were participating in this in our area?
  11. WhydoIdoit


    What are they exactly? I realize they are to get drivers to drive, but I thought thats what surges are for?
  12. WhydoIdoit

    Animals Part ll - The Scam

    So, to ensure a XL vehicle would be there to pick them up, they pulled a little trickery. I was sitting at a gas station somewhat nearby when I got an X ping for an address on Jefferson Rd. As soon as I started to move, they cancelled. About 45 seconds later, I received another ping for an...
  13. WhydoIdoit

    They Really Are Animals

    I have seen YouTube videos of when 5 or 6 animals pile into an X ride and argue with the driver about too many people. I don't do late nights so I don't encounter these types of things. It's 5:30 AM I got a request from "Sade" at Denny's. Accepted the request. I know, first mistake, but I...
  14. WhydoIdoit

    Cancel Fees

    I waited the 5 minutes and the option to cancel came up - which I did. I only received $3.52? I thought it was a $5?
  15. WhydoIdoit

    Uber lowering rates

    Anyone been hearing about Uber lowering the rates on destination filters? Is this just the major cities or coming here soon also?
  16. WhydoIdoit

    One Star BS

    Why is it "city" passengers one star me on Uber? Most drivers won't pick up in shady areas. I consider any pax a bag of money sitting on my seat. I have only had one real piece of trash and it was the account holders friend that acted like trash. I am polite just the same with them, yet they...
  17. WhydoIdoit


    The past few days we've had constant surge here in city of Rochester. Blanket coverage. This means more riders than drivers by the definition. Why is it when I am right in the surge or I am working around it, I never get any requests from the surge area? If pax have stopped ordering because of...
  18. WhydoIdoit

    Help with down rating

    Whenever I down rate a pax and try to choose one option boxes, they don't work. I have pressed and pressed them to no avail? What am I doing wrong? Anyone else have issues with this?
  19. WhydoIdoit

    Truck load of Raid a comin?

    Our fear mongering weather "forecasters'" are predicting feet's of snow for this weekend. I am personally feeling more cold and windy than feet's of snow. I know we welcome it, but what's the personal consensus out there?
  20. WhydoIdoit

    Connecticut Uber/Lyft drivers strike. This should be interesting.