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  1. HonkyTonk

    Some people seem almost gleeful about the economic crash

    I have noticed a chasm on FB, this forum, etc. Some people seem almost gleeful and they love preachy lectures about how we should all live. "Stay home forever" is their mantra. Typically, those are people whose incomes/careers have not been affected or ruined. They're doing fine. And if you...
  2. HonkyTonk

    Why didn't we advise the elderly and infirm to "stay home", while young people went about our business?

    Let's face it: almost exclusively, it is elderly who die from this (even then, the death rate is like 1%). Yet, we young people have been asked to surrender everything: our jobs, income, way of life. Older people still get their social security checks. A single mom who waits tables has lost...
  3. HonkyTonk

    Corona Virus does not kill young people. Why are we freaking out?? Let's have lots of sex!!

    STOP FREAKING OUT!!! Okay, there, I said it. Young people do not die of this. CORONA virus (or, we keep renaming it, COVID) only kills elderly; even then, the death rate is 1%. WE ARE OVERRACTING, PEOPLE!!!! But hell, none of you will listen to me.
  4. HonkyTonk

    Uber and Lyft to withhold our earnings????

    If reports are correct, U/L will withhold our earnings, as they are about to go out of business. Prepare, everyone!!
  5. HonkyTonk

    If you are getting rides, are they all short grocery runs?

    I got four rides today. Two were McDonalds employees, two were 0.8 miles to the nearest grocery store. Four trips total; I made around $14. And for good measure, one woman took several minutes loading & unloading her groceries into my trunk. Yes, these people still need rides, you say. Or do we...
  6. HonkyTonk

    DANG. No young people die from this. The numbers are low. Get over yourselves, people. This is extreme overraction. Open the economy again.

    Yah, you heard me. Say it! This is a fake crisis. NO WORSE THAN AN AVERAGE FLU SEASON!!!
  7. HonkyTonk

    Predictions on when this shutdown will end

    How much longer until life returns to normal, or some semblance of normal? Some say April 6. Here, the schools are projected to reopen on that date, although that is sure to change. Some say 3 months. Others say 6 to 9 months. One analyst said this is the "new normal" for at least 12 to 18...
  8. HonkyTonk

    Nashville minimum ride down to $2.69. Anyone want to apologize for corporate?

    Even if you drive 15 minutes to pick up a PAX, you get a whopping $2.69. Great!! Also, they just dropped the per-mile yet another 6 cents.
  9. HonkyTonk

    Uber drivers have less sex than the average person (and everyone knows it, sadly)

    It is painfully obvious that Uber drivers are lacking in sex. Every time I post something about the awesomeness of sex, there is extreme blowback: anger, resentment, personal insults. The public already perceives U/L drivers as sexless creatures, living in momma's basement, playing video games...
  10. HonkyTonk

    U/L could retain more drivers, raise morale, and decrease negativity with ONE change

    U/L could retain more drivers, raise morale, and decrease negativity with ONE change.... Raise the "minimum fare". $3 is an abject joke. An utter disgrace and insult to its drivers. $3 to incur the inherent liability for bringing a PAX into our car?? $3 for a trip which may (with travel to...
  11. HonkyTonk

    Nearly a third of Uber drivers are actually losing money, study shows

    (Link below): A new working paper reports that 30% of Uber drivers are losing money once car costs are accounted for. The report, which surveyed 1,100 drivers, comes from researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The statistics are startling: Nearly three-quarters of drivers earn...
  12. HonkyTonk

    Which is more annoying: PAX chewing gum like an ape, or nonstop notifications on their phone?

    I swear, anyone who noisily pops or smacks gum in earshot of other people was raised by gorillas. No manners. We live in a society, you animals. Worse are the mouth breathers who chew their gum with open mouths, so I hear everything. I want to grab the gum, then smack them upside the head a few...
  13. HonkyTonk

    Cancel / decline all "short" trips?

    I believe I will cancel and/or decline all "short" trips - the ones where we make no money (or lose money). The $3 trip to Walmart, through heavy traffic. Ten minutes to find the PAX, then fifteen more minutes to take their broke ass to Dollar General. No tips, obviously. Not only do we...
  14. HonkyTonk

    Cops have started writing tickets to Uber drivers

    In the downtown area of my city, cops have started writing tickets to drivers who let PAX out illegally, blocking traffic lanes, etc. In my five months of driving I had not seen this; usually cops ignored infractions because Uber was such an important part of the tourism industry. But it is...
  15. HonkyTonk

    "You're in a busy area, expect rides soon"

    "You're in a busy area, expect rides soon" How many of you get this jibberish when you first go active on Uber? And then it turns out to be total BS.
  16. HonkyTonk

    Is it our fault if PAX enters wrong location?

    Today, a PAX from out of town entered the wrong location. I took them there (father, mother, child), and they realized it was not even close. Correct location was 30 minutes away, other end of town. He entered another stop. The whole way there, father kept cursing in front of his child. So...
  17. HonkyTonk

    Unprofitable to drive at rush hour?

    My city has a serious traffic problem from 4 - 7 pm. Roads are a parking lot. I used to drive rush hour, but I got burned out real fast (my foot even became physically sore from hitting the brake so much). And then I realized: Uber only pays when we're moving. They give a negligible amount for...
  18. HonkyTonk

    Uber results in net loss on tax returns!!

    We deduct $0.58 per mile, so I was able to declare a loss from my Uber/Lyft driving!! Wow, all those hours spent depreciating my car. It did result in one thing: a write-off on my taxes. Take that, IRS !!!
  19. HonkyTonk

    When a PAX insists on the front seat

    Is this annoying?? I sometimes have personal stuff on the front seat, and I slide it forward to maximize legroom in the back. Yet, about 1 in 10 riders insist on the front seat. So, I have to move my stuff and slide the damn seat back for them. Why do people do this? Personal space, people! My...