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    Dare I say I miss driving?

    To an extent I actually do. Maybe I miss just the normality of it. But I was returning home from my full time job and I haven’t driven rideshare for a couple weeks now. And I saw an uber driver and the thought crossed my mind that I kinda miss driving. Getting paid to be out and about on my...
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    Being more selective with uber leads to crickets?

    I cal BS on uber that low acceptance rates have no repercussions. Ever since the heads up in rates and destinations became available, I’ve grown even more selective on what rides to take. I’d say my AR would be comfortably under 50% at this point. Before I held it over 80%z And I think uber...
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    Which obsolete car brand would you chose for rideshare?

    USDM only and non-exotic models only.
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    Uber comfort- what is your definition of warm

    I usually keep my climate temp at 68 degrees automatic, which in my experience is comfortable level. Never have to adjust during winter or summer. Most pax never complain. When I get a comfort ride and the preference is warm, I’ll increase to 72 which to me is plenty warm. Apparently not...
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    Can’t switch between x and comfort once you accept, right?

    Pax orders comfort on a 25 min trip. Hooray. I get in and he tells me he selected comfort by mistake and demands I switch to uber x. I tell him I can’t. He replies, I’m not paying for comfort so you need to switch to uber x. I give him his options, cancel and get another driver or I take...
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    Uber xl in South Bay?

    I got me a new highlander recently and was expecting to see xl rides come thru. I got some lyft xl rides and a few comfort rides but zero uber xl. Does it not exist around here? Or is comfort in lieu or xl?
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    Toyota Highlander our Honda Pilot?

    The boss (aka the wife) is telling me to upgrade my camry to a 3 row suv. My camry is a hybrid so has been great for u/l. I do intend to drive u/l less per week but not altogether and be using this for u/l. It should allow me to do XL which can help compensate for the worse fuel economy...
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    What’s your back up plan?

    If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a bill that will likely change rideshare as we know it here in Cali if it passes. One big change is essentially taking away the flexibility that makes this gig work for many of us, like me. There’s no way this business model works if this...
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    CX9 or Highlander

    Need to upgrade my wife’s car. I use her crv a few times for uber but mostly her car is the family car. But we need more space than the crv can offer. It’s a great car otherwise. I’ve been a big fan of toyota. Every toyota I’ve had such as the Camry I now use has been solid. No other car...
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    Lyft destination preview

    Generally I like the feature that gives you a heads up on what direction and drivetime estimate that lyft has on their app if you keep your acceptance rate up. And here comes the ‘But’. I’ve found that once I start the trip, that 20 minute one ends up being a 16 min trip according to google...
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    Not my fault.....

    1. You might miss your flight from poor planning on your part 2. There’s traffic during rush hour 3. The previous driver cancelled the trip. 4. The driver before that driver cancelled the trip 5. The destination doesn’t open for another 30 min. And no you can’t wait in my car until it does...
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    So uber really doesn’t care if drivers have a mind of their own PROOF

    Anyone else get the email from uber telling us to tell SFO we oppose their proposed airport pick up change? I, for one, welcome the change. The less cars in the departure lanes the better. More people are rushed to get to the airport than leaving for fear of missing flight, security lines...
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    Lyft goes public, no lyft pings in a 4 hr shift. Hmm

    Just find it odd. In a typical 4 hr shift I would almost always get a split of uber and lyft pings. But this morning from 4 to 8, not a single lyft ping. Maybe just coincidence but I know there’s enough uncertainty out there about going public that this caught my attention
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    Adjusting driving style due to new pay structure

    with uber upping the rate for time while cutting on distance, anyone else making adjustments? I’m driving slower than before. For example, I used to stick between 70-75 on highways before. Past couple days I’ll stay at 65ish. I’ll stop at about every yellow when before I’d go thru. And...
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    2014 Camry se hybrid or 2019 Honda insight

    my current car is the Camry. Great car, reliable and comfortable. Getting up in miles and feel I could still get a decent price for it at this point. It’s paid for which is nice. I’d finance the Honda for a couple years. I like the more compact size and if it drives like a civic like they...
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    Can’t stand uber/lyft drivers...

    who ride front seat as pax and start giving you unsolicited advice on how to drive, navigate, pick up/drop off, clean your car, among others. All from one pax/driver this morning. Especially after learning he can’t be older than 22 and started less than 3 months ago versus my 3 years driving...
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    Does new app have long trip notification anymore?

    doesnt seem so to me. Had a couple long trips but didn’t get the heads up. Wondering if it’s just me
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    Does airport queue mean anything?

    I pass up X amount of drivers 'in the queue' in SJC cell phone lot and the app shows 30+ drivers ahead of me yet seem to get a ping within a couple minutes. I typically don't wait for pick-ups at the airport but if one comes up as I'm leaving the area, i'll oblige. what gives?
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    Coffee or energy shot or other?

    how do you guys stay alert on the road? I’ve resorted to 5-hr energy shots versus energy drinks so I won’t have to piss every 10 min. Coffee is hit or miss for me as some give me the runs. And then the whole pissing thing is a concern too.
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    What’s happening with uber? I’m hearing crickets.

    3.5 hrs of driving this morning. 8 lyft pings, 1 uber ping. Yesterday 2 hrs of driving, 4 lyft pings ,0 uber pings. Monday thru Friday about 9 hours of driving, 20 lyft and 11 uber. It’s not just this week but the past 3 weeks, lyft has been notably busier. Am I the only one?