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    Zero pings. Did i mess something up?

    Last week uber emailed me saying there was a brief period where I could not accept a call and they were crediting me with $12.89. I never even realized it or ask for anything.I am in a smaller uber market but on an 10 hr daytime shift I avg 8- 14 pings. I had zero Friday? Saturday on line at...
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    Where are the fares

    Its Friday. Turned on uber in huber around 9am. Drove to miamaisburg to see my. To beavercreek home depot. Back to huber about 1230. Turned it off to cut the grass. Back on at 130. Its now 245pm in Kettering area. Not a single uber even sitting in my sweet spot. 4.86 rating Overall. . 5.0 last...
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    Lyft in Dayton

    Pax told me this. Morning he heard Lyft is coming to Dayton. They are looking for drivers. Anyone hear that? Lyft won't accept my model car but I have 230k miles. Might be worth a new car
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    Guaranteed pay question

    My city Dayton got hit wuth the guarantee pay system winter rates. Just happened Thursday but other then now making .85 instead of 1.20 im confused. GuaranteefGuaranteed $10 at slowest times and must except 90% of the rides. I get that. Is there a number of fares per hour min to qualify. On a...
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    Anyone tell me how to switch to waze from google maps. Google maps loses signal alot and am constantly relying on my tomtom. I have an android phone. Do i have to download the app or is the option somewhere inside uber. Thought i saw it once but can't find it now. Thanks
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    Had a big fare? Read this

    I have been ubering since march with many fares $70-$100. Even a $104. Fare 3 wks ago. All paid normal. Last week i had a $154 fare dayton Ohio to indianapolis. 110 miles. 1 hr46mins No pay showed for 48 hrs. I started emailing what contacts i had. 5 no responses. Finally got Bianca to respond...
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    dayton driver with a question

    Since many of you cicny drivers have been around longer and we have no contact person in dayton that i am aware of i need help with a question pls. I have emailed this question to 5 Uber emails i have and either no response or it would not send. How do you send uber your new vechicle...
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    on the local fox 45 news

    Did anyone else hear this? Fox 45/22 had a piece on the news this morning. They interviewed an uber driver from here. They reported uber will add 1000 dayton. I listened to it 3 times. I know my kids say my hearing is going. I hope so. On wknds i think we have saturated dayton with...
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    more drivers coming.

    Just saw it on the news this morning. Uber is adding 10k more drivers in ohio. Not sure about the rest of you but we are saturated in Dayton in my opinion. This week there were drivers 2 to 4 mins away from me no matter where i parked. The thing where you get pinged for the next pax while still...
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    whats your limit

    I am curious how far you will drive for a pick up. Must have been very few drivers in north dayton on line Sunday. I had at least 3 pings 16 to 20 mins away. Of I 70 n 675 highway driving. I picked up one. After uber fees 7 bucks. Not worth it. Cancelled the other two. Where do you draw the line?
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    ud students

    Hello. I started uber 6 months ago. Last spring I actually enjoyed most ud pickups. Never any trouble. During the summer it was quiet as we all know weekdays. Now that the students are back I still don't mind the short trips from house to house or Wal-Mart etc but my ratings have dipped. Anyone...
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    pay discrepancy

    On a Tuesday i had one fare in 4 hrs. Short distance. Came up $4.34. Still in my history 4.34. But on wkly pay summary it shows 2.37 Short 1.97. Who do i contact. My local office is over 1 hr away in another terriotory.
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    how to cancel a ride

    With all of ubers updates i can not figure out how to cancel a no show after you say arrived and the screen shows rider has been notified. They are a no show after 3 texts and 7 mins. Any help please?
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    403 forbidden msg

    Two 403 forbidden msgs when i hit accept ping. Then it says rider cancelled. This is over 2 days. Any ideas if its ubers issue or other?
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    is Dayton uber still in business?

    Is dayton uber working? My second job like most so various hours worked. Tuesday 3-8. Zero calls Wed 3-8 zero calls Thursday im near an office building that i know has airport travelers on thursday. Finally a ping that ends up being a no show and i texted twice n waited 9 mins. Second ping was...
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    uber. dayton does NOT need more drivers. stop recruiting.

    Have been a dayton driver since march. Almost daily u get emails for referral bonuses n free gas with 200 trips in a month. This wk. Monday 4-8. No calls Tuesday 1 n 3 cancels Wed business doubled 2 calls Today on line for 6hrs all over north to downtown. 1 call. My take before gas 101. I...
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    fare calculation

    So i pick up a girl at a bar who needs to go home. Let dog out n change. Wants me to wait. She understands clock ticking. Then go back to exact same bar. Does she need to re request me for trip back or does uber know what's going on so i get paid. I did two separate trip. Each $25 approx. But...
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    dayton driver here

    Having been an uber driver since march i have A couple of questions. First why won't uber cincy let a dayton driver pick up fares in cincy. I tried several times to register with cincy and they say i have to quit dayton. But i live in n. Dayton so permanently quitting is not smart but some wks i...