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  1. Jbstevens88

    Problems accessing Turbotax self-employed from the Uber Dashboard

    I can open Turbo Tax now from Uber, but I cannot figure out how to IMPORT the data to TurboTax. Can't find an import button like before.
  2. Jbstevens88

    Whose Telling Customers Not To Tip?

    Once you mark delivered, you cannot contact the customer. It is a fake masked number
  3. Jbstevens88

    Whose Telling Customers Not To Tip?

    What are you babbling about?
  4. Jbstevens88

    Boost means absolutely nothing

    All reverse psychology. When I used to see high boost, I would head to that area thinking I could make more money. Now high boost only means higher demand. Ants flock to high boost, which means lower pay, since more ants to accept a ping. No ants in low boost areas, therefore, higher pay.
  5. Jbstevens88

    Not getting paid wait time

    Do 2 of those in an hour and you are making minimum wage. Whats to complain about ?:o-o:
  6. Jbstevens88

    Uber Eats Vehicle Question

    Technically, you are supposed to register the new car with Uber so that customers know what vehicle to look for when delivering. Someone could report you. When in the same situation, and the instructions said "wait in car"..I would text the customer and tell them that I was in a loaner car...
  7. Jbstevens88

    Items in the order

    You have to have x-ray vision to see inside the sealed bag. Of course they don't tell you which restaurant screwed up and left out food. But it is YOUR FAULT.
  8. Jbstevens88

    Happy to deliver it, but I don't get it.

    Uber takes 20-30% from the restaurant and from you. Also the customer is paying a delivery fee. Uber is getting 3 sources of income per transaction.
  9. Jbstevens88

    It's the 12th, any comments on the update?

    Another Uber trick - the boost and surge are included in the payout amount you see on the ping. The amount shown is NOT being multiplied or surge added to what you are shown. Uber is no longer showing what was paid for mileage and time, you have no way of knowing how the boost was applied...
  10. Jbstevens88

    New rules for UBER EATS

    Except they don't show you the miles to the customer when you accept the ping. Only $10 and an icon of the drop-off and you have to quickly, within seconds, decide to accept or not, based on map location, if you can decipher the distance/direction of the delivery, and when the map is never...
  11. Jbstevens88

    New rules for UBER EATS

    Unless you know the base fair components, boost zones and surges are irrelevant. I can be in a 2.5X zone pay an extra $2.00 and get a $5.00 ping going 5 miles. or I can be in a 1.5x zone with no surge and get a $5.00 ping going 5 miles. Uber puts these HIGH boost zones on the map, and I...
  12. Jbstevens88


    Is Uber accusing the OP of accepting, and then letting the order sit there forever, not driving to the restaurant and then cancelling, causing the food to be cold and the customer waiting a longtime? Or Is the OP accepting and then cancelling right away because of the restaurant or distance, etc..
  13. Jbstevens88

    Trying to understand the new earning scheme

    I have noticed on stacked - it pops up $1.00 or $1.50 on the 2nd ping. I figure if I take both, it increases my chances for a tip on 2 orders. Flip side, 2nd customer gets mad because they get food last, no tip. I will accept if the night is dead.
  14. Jbstevens88

    Catastrophic pay cut

    I'm down to 3-4 hours a week on Sunday and even then I doubt it is worth it. $5 ping here and there....Decline...Not doing a 20 minute delivery for $5.
  15. Jbstevens88

    Tips via app

    Or the percent tip should be based on the FULL charge to the customer, not the food cost. Those $1.67 tips are probably a 20% tip on an $8 Mcdonalds order. Very tired of those. Think of the tip when they order a large $1.00 drink...A whole 20 cents
  16. Jbstevens88

    I heard on the news today UBER cutting drivers?

    Cut employees. We are not employees. These were payroll people
  17. Jbstevens88

    Food bags?

    I dont take uber bag inside restaurant. I never know when they are going to give me a huge paper bag or a tied up plastic bag. I put plastic bag food in my uber bag once I get to my car, and remove in front of customer.
  18. Jbstevens88

    When you cancel a pickup for long wait do you tell the restaurant employees?

    What sucks about cancelling is that it immediately goes out to another driver. So for excessive wait time, the next driver arrives, just to cancel, then the next driver, etc...until finally the food is ready, and 5 drivers have arrived and cancelled. Not sure how to fix this to not ping driver...
  19. Jbstevens88

    Is this something new

    Using your own money....What could possibly go wrong?:o-o: