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  1. yankdog

    For those of you with a Doordash account

    One thing I've realized by being a pax in Baltimore is about 25% of my drivers were "higher" when they accepted the ping. I didn't care so was the stripper I shared the back seat with both hoping to avoid a cleaning fee. By the way two new thriving companies in Charm City making a killings...
  2. yankdog

    Driver protection measures

    I agree. Rush hours, which I rarely worked, may be less crazy but then again this may result in fewer drivers we just don't know. We have no idea YET how people will react to this. But I think distance learning and working from home will be much more significant as businesses in some fields...
  3. yankdog

    Driver protection measures

    All 3 about the same but you are waiting twice as long
  4. yankdog

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Slowdown 1586361342 A clinic in Pennsylvania is bringing the Amish drive-through coronavirus testing for their horse and buggies By Alaa Elassar, CNN Updated 5:29 AM ET, Wed April 8, 2020 An...
  5. yankdog

    For those of you with a Doordash account

    I am so goddamn erect right now I'm driving with both hands free. You could make a killing on in baltimore
  6. yankdog

    For those of you with a Doordash account

    I'm do hard after reading this I could bust concrete
  7. yankdog

    For those of you with a Doordash account

    Once you've taken an Amish chick to a Bmore strip club and can look at yourself in the mirror the next day you can handle anything
  8. yankdog

    For those of you with a Doordash account

    $3 per delivery and no tip? Sounds like you are getting much more than the tip bro
  9. yankdog

    Environmental body suits/gear for drivers.

    Yep this might drive my ass into retirement. This shit is no joke
  10. yankdog

    Saturday, April 4th, DJ party up in HERE!

    Rebekkah and I will sing Friends in Low Places and God Bless the USA
  11. yankdog

    Unemployment VA filing

    I think the thread derailers who talk about banging Amish chicks all the time would put it differently. The OP derailed the topic lol
  12. yankdog

    The long-lost Member thread

    Consider yourself backed up on that
  13. yankdog

    The MAGIC DAY to apply for the CARES loan (PPP) is APRIL 10TH!!!!! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!!!!!

    Damn I love you. Now THIS is a post. Seriously thank you very much
  14. yankdog

    Lyft/Uber to Pay Drivers Quarantined and/or Diagnosed w/ COVID-19

    Yep complete bullshit but totally expected from these shyte hawks
  15. yankdog

    Environmental body suits/gear for drivers.

    I can sell you this. Works great in Baltimore
  16. yankdog

    After 13166 rides....

    Now it's the glory hole days 1585716156