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  1. Graham J

    Cull the Ants

    The Ants are swarming in Sydney, no wonder drivers will never get a voice!
  2. Graham J

    What's the future?

    I stopped driving nearly eight months ago after taking a good hard look at the economics of it and realising it was a fool's errand. I was on 20% commission and after my real work started to pick up I was not totally reliant on the income. But most drivers are now on 25% and the market is...
  3. Graham J

    Another nail in the surge coffin

    Just read this and saw Jacinta Allan's response on the news and she is very unhappy. Surge is really on the nose lately and Uber doesn't know how to sniff the air
  4. Graham J

    UberEats dodgy contracts

    This has been milling about for a little while but seems Uber have pushed the buttons just a bit to hard
  5. Graham J

    Travis is back

    Not often I have nothing to say but this one time
  6. Graham J

    The story of Uber's Travis

    Good long read for dedicated followers of Travis
  7. Graham J

    Insurance questions answered

    After much angst and speculation here is the official Uber statement on insurance. In other words Uber rely on the drivers' TAC (Victoria) or equivalent in other states
  8. Graham J

    Pax Tax Invoice

    At the risk of bringing up the dreaded subject of GST one more time I'd like to cover it from the passenger's perspective. I was working in Brisbane last week and used Uber seven times and only one of them had an ABN on their tax invoice. So no ABN shown means no GST amounts shown in the tax...
  9. Graham J

    Why ants' nests keep thriving

  10. Graham J

    Another Uber payout

    How much longer does Uber continue to fight and lose legal battles...
  11. Graham J

    Love that level playing field

    Somebody should show this to Kollel and the ATO that taxis and Uber are not equal
  12. Graham J

    UberEats in Perth

    Hi fellas, hoping you can help me with some local knowledge. My nephew wants to do UberEats for a couple of months in Perth. Can you tell me the rates and commissions for UberEats using a car and confirm that you don't pay GST. Thanks in advance
  13. Graham J

    Taxify didn't reach out, they communicated!

    Just signed up to Taxify (rider) and received this Email shown below. It came to me from a person with a name and so refreshing to read something that doesn't thank me for reaching out. I have good vibes about this company "Hey Graham, Thanks for joining us, together we will transform the...
  14. Graham J

    Hi Oscar

    Interesting how Uber gave up because of too many regulations but Oscar can make it happen. I think Oscar have their work cut out for them
  15. Graham J

    Is it worth it to be non-compliant?

    So much discussion has been had on this forum about non-compliant tax dodging drivers so it got me thinking is it really worth the grief of not being compliant? When you're compliant every business cent you pay in GST for things like tyres, petrol, cleaning, servicing, Uber fees, etc. you get...
  16. Graham J

    Uber loses bid to overturn Tribunal decision

    This could give succour to those hoping to become employees of the benevolent Uber
  17. Graham J

    Taxi drivers can set their own fares

    It's official and legislation is heading to the state parliament which will allow taxi drivers to provide fare estimates. Am I the only cynic around who thinks this is a train wreck heading our way? Great idea but really, can we trust the drivers to not collude with each other.
  18. Graham J

    Something Interesting is happening

  19. Graham J

    Is this one step too far

    The Rider Fees presented as a payment of $4.40 means we pay a GST of $0.40 then pay $4.40 back to Uber which means out-of-pocket of $0.40 For those who thought the split fare fee wasn't a big deal then better think again with this impost
  20. Graham J

    End of the train station runs

    How well will this work in Melbourne?