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    1099 misc - what is included?

    My understanding of the 1099 misc is that it includes any income you made through UBER that is not explicitly trip earnings (i.e. if you look at a weekly invoice, anything in the miscellaneous section, below trip earnings, is what gets reported on the 1099misc). This would include quests...
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    riders calling both uber and lyft

    Ahh I feel so naive to have never thought of that, you're totally right--that's almost certainly what those cancellations are. I've always wondered what was going on with people who cancelled when I was only a minute or two away...
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    riders calling both uber and lyft

    Driving in dc this morning and at ~8.50am I got a ping; I was pretty stoked to squeeze in one more boost ride (mine ended at 9am) so I made my way to the address, pulled over, and waited. After a minute or two, I see some hipster leave the building and look around so I start to roll down my...