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  1. humtoos

    What Do You Smell Like?

    Lysol Max Cover Disinfectant Mist - Garden After the Rain, Works wonders,
  2. humtoos

    Terminal 4 North Airport Yellow Vest Nazi

    Ironically his badge #711, he was yelling out orders to a Nubian Princess that was blocking two lanes of RS at terminal 4, The Princess demanded his badge #.
  3. humtoos

    Finally Fall/Winter Warmup

    Love the accurate information from Lyft.. Super Bowl Sunday on Saturday
  4. humtoos

    Finally Fall/Winter Warmup

    I would like 2 consider myself a seasoned driver, Uber and Lyft for one year over 6000 rides. Would someone please explain this to me. I'm sitting in a $5.75 surge Zone that Talking Stick Resort Arena after one of the wrestling events this week. The Surge eventually goes down to zero and I am...
  5. humtoos

    Have you ever had a good long trip from Walmart or Fry's?

    I picked up a passenger from a Walmart on the West Side a few days ago expecting typical shopping cart full of groceries going 1.2 miles, not this time, took the passenger to the airport, I was so excited I damn near dropped a deuce in my pants when I saw 24.6 miles. 1st time ever from Walmart...
  6. humtoos

    Driver app crashed

  7. humtoos

    Anyone else turn off the app when in the ghettos of Phoenix?

    Not me , I grew up in Maryvale or as we called it back in the day, Scaryvale or Murdervale. I would much rather take fares there then in Old Town or Mill Avenue. No drama very little conversation. ( English is not the primary language) and appreciative. I don't do RS for altruistic reasons I...
  8. humtoos

    Advice for new driver in Valley (much appreciated)

    Juliano, RS, is a lot like fishing, no one is going to tell you were the fish are at (passenger location) , and everybody lies about the fish they caught ( money they make). I don't believe your income expectations are way out of line , but it takes time, and many new drivers don't have the...
  9. humtoos

    Is AP rematch still a thing?

    Maybe I don't hate the new surge... Phx to 303 Happy Valley. $9.75 surge
  10. humtoos

    Airport Traffic Enforcement

    Jmdemonto, example I'm at the QT at 52nd Street and University just dropped off some frat boy tool I get a request for a pickup at Terminal 4, of course I call the passenger let them know that I'm about 10 minutes out and fish around for where they're going to so I can decide if I'm going to...
  11. humtoos

    Airport Traffic Enforcement

    Veteran U/L drivers I'm a relative greenhorn 8 months with 4000 rides would you please explain something to me, I have this scenario happened to me regularly... Although the Lyft airport queue is full and the Uber queue has another hundred cars, I will still get requests for airport pickups...
  12. humtoos

    Deactivated Account

    Update.... My account was reinstated the passenger has done this previously to drivers .scumbag tool
  13. humtoos

    Deactivated Account

    Yes Uber, thanks for the info, I will do the hub in the AM.
  14. humtoos

    Deactivated Account

    Hey please advise, received notice that my account was deactivated for driving impaired complaint, 07/25/2018, how do I counter this,? BTW I haven't had a drink in over 12 years.
  15. humtoos

    Phoenix Quest

    I received $40.00 for 30 and $65.00 for 50 rides.
  16. humtoos

    Uber Tips

    I have been receiving tips from pax that rides took place as far back as 6 weeks prior. Not complaining about money... just want to understand why it takes so long to appear on my pay statement.