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  1. Lag Monkey

    Ticket Clinic worth a try ?

    I used them. Easy and they took care of it
  2. Lag Monkey

    Republican Uber riders say driver kicked them out with 'Welcome to the resistance'

    Let people live in peace and civility. If they wear MAGA hats or Bernie shirts it’s a free country. The whole confront people and obstruction thing pushed by democrats isn’t helpful to the country and makes independent voters like myself less likely to support them. Also California which is run...
  3. Lag Monkey

    GOP interns: Uber driver refused us service because of MAGA hats

    As someone who isn’t political...liberals make me not want to support democrats. They are over the top aggressive and disrespectful. Plus many seem to dislike America
  4. Lag Monkey

    Austin full of garbage people

    Iv found some cities are better to drive then others. But working a shat job people will treat you as such. Working a high end job now and I dress nice clean cut and making way way more money and the same a hole is now kissing up to me. You gotta elevate outa rideshare brah or any low wage job...
  5. Lag Monkey

    Choice of Gender?

    Ride Austin has female driver mode. I can see Lyft and UBER adopting this. What is gender anymore anyways. Apple now has non binary gender emojis. And if you live in California you’ll notice most bathrooms are gender neutral.
  6. Lag Monkey

    Gogo grandparent

    Yes I get a few a week. They don’t tip because it’s set up through a phone system and they usually are short rides to and from the hospital, grocery store etc. often the riders can be grumpy and easily fluster. Also about half the time the rider isn’t at the pickup and I’ll end up not being able...
  7. Lag Monkey

    Women charged $925 for Uber ride.

    The driver was paid 28.37
  8. Lag Monkey

    DACA ..uber loves you

    UBER could careless about 26year old “Children”. This is virtue signaling so they can fit the socially progressive identities companies must have now to remain relevant to millennials. I’m a millennial and I’m sorry about my generation.
  9. Lag Monkey

    Str8 up giving it to them

    Bruh you savage!!! Hate smelly pax. Got me wanting to catch a clean breath of air from the window
  10. Lag Monkey

    PAX blew chunks, used spotless first service for emergency cleanup

    This is a horrible pukenado glad you got $250 gotta keep hitting the pax with high fees so they no puke is a no no in UBER
  11. Lag Monkey

    Lyft "zones" (higher chance to get a ride)

    Useless feature for me in San Francisco Bay Area. If I’m far out I might use it but otherwise it waste gas. I guess it’s better then nothing but not a huge help
  12. Lag Monkey

    Cracked windshield GM/Maven rental

    Thank you I will do this “safe lite repair” jingle popp d in my head
  13. Lag Monkey

    Cracked windshield GM/Maven rental

    Coming up but I see quotes for a reasonable price. It probably makes more sense paying out of pocket then risking getting kicked off GM express drive and paying the high deductible
  14. Lag Monkey

    Cracked windshield GM/Maven rental

    I don’t so I’ll probably pay out of pocket YiKes!
  15. Lag Monkey

    Cracked windshield GM/Maven rental

    Anyone had experience fileing a damage claim with GM Express drive
  16. Lag Monkey

    Cracked windshield GM/Maven rental

    I’m on express drive via GM and a rock hit my windshield and cracked it. I’m worried I’ll get kicked off express drive because of the damage. I saw somewhere that because of insurance purposes they kick people off who damage the cars. It’s not my fault. Anyone know what I should do? Thank you...
  17. Lag Monkey

    Are all American cars bad for Uber? Toyota/Honda the only way to go?

    Toyota/Lexus and GM(2014+ Models) now lead car reliability. Honda comes next according to JD Power
  18. Lag Monkey

    I'm renting a Hertz Lyft car next Tuesday in SF ANY ADVICE ???

    I work and sleep in my rental and sometimes still don’t get my free rental. I’m not kidding. It’s hard to get it totally covered unless you work in sf and do a bunch of line rides. A plus is you get a car to live in and a job. Not bad if you plan on saving up a lot of money because you can work...
  19. Lag Monkey

    Why is LYFT so busy now?

    Lyft is cheaper for me most of the time so I usely ride Lyft. Also I think a lot of people had bad experiences with UBER and when all the terrible PR hit a lot of people gave Lyft a try a realized it was a better experience This is the main reason why Lyft is gaining on UBER. It’s price. App...
  20. Lag Monkey

    Lyft guaranteeing "Safe Space" -- 2 Kissimmee Police officers murdered

    Glad Lyft is protecting me from Hate and Racist people. You could say ... I did Nazi that coming.