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    Uber new rates

    Man... All these guys on here must work for Uber. How is this new pay structure not discussed... Must be because everyone on this forum besides myself only posts from Uber greenlight hub... Hahahaha Would live to see real drivers screenshots of these different rates that are supposed to be a thing
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    Uber new rates

    These rates are supposed to be based on driver sign up date, would love to see other people from the area show what their rates are
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    Uber new rates

    They just lowered per mile rates to $.60 per mile and raised per minute from $.11 to $.1125 And I'm assuming also that they have just increased booking fee for themselves because it is mentioned....
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    Yo Screwber....

    The ONLY ONES screwing us are Uber and Lyft. Shouldn't blame drivers for driving bro, And you shouldn't blame drivers for saturating the market and then slashing fares to unreasonable rates. If it was up to drivers we would set our own rates and trip request length and not allow Uber to take...
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    TAKE SHOWERS and WEAR DEODARANT. if you keep car clean and smell like sh!t than that will affect your rating, I DONT WANT TO SMELL YOU. THEN Stop talking so much and smile. There is no other reason your rating is that bad. Even if your car is a piece of crap. People don't want to be your friend...
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    Guarantee surge in the middle of Lake St Clair

    Yeah been like that for a while now...
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    The new 3.5x delivery boost zones for Detroit....

    The fact that the app says "3.5x GUARANTEE for DELIVERY" and is in the middle of a lake for an entire week is pretty annoying too right?
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    The new 3.5x delivery boost zones for Detroit....

    I can't believe all the salty posts I see on here and NONE of you guys/gals posted this.... Anyways so I've been seeing this high boost zones for delivery on Uber since yesterday morning, didn't see the zone. Had to zoom way out and it's located in the middle.of a lake... Next to Canada...
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    Uber/Lyft drivers (some)banned from airport

    I am ABSOLUTELY correct. This is a recent change.
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    Uber/Lyft drivers (some)banned from airport

    It's an AUTOMATED SYSTEM. Delta pickup rideshare area is not where it should be, Uber thinks it's slightly north. EVERY TIME you pickup at macnamera you will receive this warning. North terminal seems to be more accurate. UBER IS ALL AUTOMATED
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    New DTW Procedures Effective Monday 21, 2017

    Got this at the check in box tonight at DTW. 1. We will have to show waybill at check in. (I have no prob providing waybill) 2. We will now be reported for UNDEFINED "conduct" and "incidents." I thought we had rights... These airport autority guys and gals treat us like garbage, moving us...
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    They are running out of baby ants. That's why Uber is going crazy out of no where. It's clear. They're losing huge numbers. They fired Travis. We need to enforce this whole "Uber change" thing before they get sidetracked The way it looks right now. Rates will be up soon. I hope for that. It is...
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    The best advice you will ever see on this forum. IF EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM STOPPED DRIVING, FARES WOULD INCREASE AND THEY WOULD DO SO IMMEDIATELY I would love to drive. But i have lost out huge on driving, after my last trip to dealership I can't bring myself to do it any more. Please, don't...
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    Uber CEO resigns

    Hey Travis. BTW. Eat Sh!T. Because this is FAR from over BRAH
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    Uber Select Detroit Area

    The trips are extremely rare now. BUT you do get them occasionally. You must also then keep your car immaculate in case you get the request while doing uberx and lyft. I do recommend if you are able; the money will not be any different. 1 to 2 short rides a day most days. Some days no requests...
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    ok for passenger to be eating your car, yes or no

    That sucks. I would just have it cleaned and submit the bill to uber for reimbursement. Can tell all of your riders no more food, but rating will clearly go down. And remember, half the trips are to McDonald's.... sad but true Right? I hate food in my car, that I detail every day and vacuum...
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    How do you Handle PAX That bring Alcohol with Them?

    I tell them to just "man up" and chug it. If they don't get rid of cups then I aggressively tell them to get out as i step out of the car and I begin calling the police. Most just chug.
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    I quit and reported uber to the ftc

    See people. These reports made a difference to upfront fares. It's all over the news. I still refuse to drive on uber though. But at least now they are being held accountable directly for it.
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    Updated Uber Agreement

    Don't drive for them. It literally that simple guys