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  1. voodooman

    Who is the mug here or is it some fantasy nonsense
  2. voodooman

    Getting silly now

    This one all roundelled up going north up the southbound lane of Park Lane 1582999212 1582999227
  3. voodooman

    I have no words

  4. voodooman

    Does not get any better than this

  5. voodooman

    Better and Better
  6. voodooman

    UBERED unusual stylee

    watch the end
  7. voodooman

    French power UBER Drivers

  8. voodooman

    lap to London Bridge on Kapten

    Newspaper article journalist did above journey for £39 and thought "that was not too bad" This industry has basically imploded ..To think 25 years ago I would knock back Goldman Sachs £36 fixed price computer cab work ec4 to lap because it was taking the mick.
  9. voodooman

    A quiz re TFL

    Are TFL the idiots or this driver or infact both. Winner gets a special Tony The Tiger autographed bit of Cardboard to proudly display in the back
  10. voodooman

    ooohhhh another win double

  11. voodooman

    oooh its a double

  12. voodooman

    Now ruining Classic cars

    Geezer,at least put some clothes on before you go to work 1557347862
  13. voodooman

    Uber crashes..and insurance

    Today I have seen another 2 uber cars having crashed well 3 actually forgot oxford st ...2 once again defying physics in how they have ended up.I am genuinly amazed you guys can still get insurance
  14. voodooman

    OK Own up

    Someone laid this down in the Ubr car park Toilets.........Bang in the middle of the sink
  15. voodooman


    Gents ,,joking and Bantz aside for a few minutes Do you think Crossrail will effect UBER. Im not sure about UBER but Taxis and minicab I think will be hit pretty hard Back in the day I would take a radio account job from the City up to paddington in the rush hour and it was great... radio...
  16. voodooman

    allways the same

    "allways the same you wait ages for a uber and then thankfully only one turns up"
  17. voodooman

    Gone fishing!/photo.php?fbid=10156182584992711&id=587277710&set=gm.10156502153213791&source=48&refid=18&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity&__tn__=EHH-R
  18. voodooman

    Unbelievable all with no fear

    Gents seriously this country is going south very quickly.Stealing the Cat
  19. voodooman


    Any of you Uberites being nauteee and using this?
  20. voodooman

    The 42% ers

    Looks like you chaps have a new name formerly the 11 a week mob now the 42% ers... Google is your friend :)