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  1. Chicago-uber

    Amazon Flex pros and cons

    All of those are open. I see the offers pop up once in a while.
  2. Chicago-uber


    I signed up for Instacart. Have yet to do a batch. Tips seem to be low. Do people tip afterwards? Should I risk taking non tip orders? Or is no tip pretty much guaranteed. Do the stores have a lot of out of stock items?
  3. Chicago-uber

    Lyft Expanding

    I’d volunteer, but not through Lyft. They don’t deserve free publicity on my behalf.
  4. Chicago-uber

    First night, Eats only

    My wife also prohibited me from Uber/Lyft/flex. She also wanted me to stop going to my full time job, but that’s where I showed her who’s the boss. 😝 hopefully i won’t catch anything while delivering on average 250 packages for Amazon... I’m using hand sanitizer like crazy though
  5. Chicago-uber

    Hazard Pay

    Amazon is paying $2 extra per hour.
  6. Chicago-uber

    Be Aware There Are Riders Like This

    I was telling my wife this morning that there might be some people who are infected with Coronavirus and go around infecting other people on purpose. Flipping psychopaths... 🖕
  7. Chicago-uber

    Cabbies everywhere?

    On Thursday afternoon I dropped off someone at O’Hare. Terminal 3 drop off area was nearly empty. Even the pickup areas were empty. 😳 1584100618 Ghost 👻 town
  8. Chicago-uber

    Stock Market Trading Halted

    so basically 2 more days. 👍🤓
  9. Chicago-uber

    Stock Market Trading Halted

    Yo Chris. Should I buy the stocks today? Is the bottom in for stocks? 😏 1583765884 Or should I sell everything I have? 😳
  10. Chicago-uber

    Your first ride

    5 years ago. diversey/damen to midway. Never been to midway in my life before. Was nervous as hell, but dropped off the guy with no issues. I remember being very disappointed when I ended the ride and saw the amount. And couldn’t find the tip in the fare. Uber was saying tip was included :cautious:
  11. Chicago-uber

    Amazon Flex Northern Suburbs (Chicago)

    Wooddale can be very unpredictable with where you’ll end up and the tips. I prefer Whole Foods.
  12. Chicago-uber

    DCH5 Flex Station Closing Feb 19th.

    Amazon will soon close Morton Grove facility as well. There’s a new huge one in Skokie.
  13. Chicago-uber


    I registered for this app 2 weeks ago. So far not a single crappy job has popped up. Just taking up space on my phone. About to delete this crap.
  14. Chicago-uber

    The struggle is real.

    As a matter of fact I think that Uber/Lyft stock is fairly priced right now. I might throw a thousand or two in them and wait for the pop. 😁 or am I being stupid?
  15. Chicago-uber

    Paces I won't pick up from

    High school is an automatic ignore
  16. Chicago-uber

    "Why don't you walk home?"

    Here’s my advice to drivers... STFU and drive!!!
  17. Chicago-uber

    Bottoms up!

    Or just eat Taco Bell/White Castle instead. Pretty much same result 💩
  18. Chicago-uber

    Amazon Flex Northern Suburbs (Chicago)

    If you take a wooddale block, try to get a 2-2.5 hr block. Otherwise you’ll be sent to downtown.