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    I drive for Postmates. I would not recommend it. I pnly started doing it because uber deactivated me when I got a traffic citation. Postmates has no driver support. it is the on;ly company I ever worked for where there is no way to contact anyone if you have a problem. absolutely no driver...
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    New Survey by Regional Transportation Agency (MTC)

    this agency is totally staff controlled. I question the result of their surveys. whenever correspondance is received the concerns of the sender are documented. when it's time for a survey they know who to contact for the desired results.they want to force people to use public transit., yet they...
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    New Survey by Regional Transportation Agency (MTC)

    Below please find a link to a survey by the Metripiliyan Transportation Commission about UBER & LYFT.
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    Instant Pay Scam

    Wait a minute. I have a real concern when someone from management says instant pay isn't available because they are not collecting fare ,pmey. Drivers have no involvement with fare collection or the prices they charge. That is not a satisfactory answer. I was told by support to wait 2 hours and...
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    Uber deducted $100 off my pay saying it was a TSA fine (San Francisco)

    You should consider engaging an attorney. there are clear violations of the law here. or you could file a small claim against uber for the deduction if they don't give you the money back.
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    Speeding ticket.

    thanks for the info. Did you get the ticket by the CHP or local police? it is really a trap because most people are exceeding the limit. I don't see the point of challenging the ticket. if you tell the court you can't afford the fine you will have to do a certain number of community service...
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    Earnings update delayed

    I continue to work thinking it is a minor delay and because I want to achieve the bonus. I am concerned however that this has been going on for three days, and that it is a nationwide problem. I'm wondering if they are going broke? I'll continue to work unless we discover they can't fix the...
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    Instant Pay Scam

    Are the drivers supposed to be concerned if their customers don'y pay. As an independent contractor we are hired to provide a service. it doesn't matter if their customer pay, they hired us to perform the service. Is this happening across the country?
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    Earnings update delayed

    I have the same problem. I am completing trips but it shows zero earnings? Unable to CASH OUT. Maybe they are going broke. How long can one work without getting paid.?
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    Litigation against Uber and Lyft (Class Action Lawsuit)

    Please see the attached check I received from the settlement. it speaks for itself... You are absolutely correct. please see the attached check I received from this settlement...
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    Lyft and Uber drivers now being ticketed for double-parking in San Francisco

    Last Night Sept 5, 2018 I attempted to pick up passengers on 17th Street between Van Ness and Mission St. The passengers were ready to get in the car when SFPD came up behind me put on the lights and gave me a beep. I was forced to drive away from the pax. I pulled into a gas station and they...
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    Thanks uber your new app is bonafide garbage

    I agree with one of the people who said navagation is more difficult. I also don't like seeing my earnings. It's nobody's business. Even after you tap privacy it still comes a back on. I also think removing the pax feedback was a mistake. Now you will probably see surprise deactivation. For me...
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    New CPUC Requirements Effective Mar 5, 2018

    Today I attempted to go on-line and I was presented with a whole set of new rules I never saw before. California Rules and Regulation Effective March 5, 2018 It says drivers must complete a safety course before using the Uber App. That's news to me...
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    SB182 now Law in California

    It means Uber, Lyft and other TNC Drivers only need a business license in the city they live in, and they are covered for every city in the State.. The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit to challenge the validity of the law, but its provisions remain in effect unless a court finds in...
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    Secret meeting recorded in uber office (uber ceo pissed)

    I attempted to watch the video, but unfortunately it has been taken down. Can you make it available some other way. if i had a copy I would transcribe it,,, if you could send the file i would be happy to do that.
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    SFO Driver Inspections Sun and Mon 2/25 2/26

    what are they looking for?
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    Long vs Short Distance Rides

    If you are trying to get trips to earn a money bonus then long trips can prevent you from reaching the bonus threshold. I like long trips when not trying to reach the bonus. one problem with long trips is the set destination feature. when I end a long trip I usually want to go back home, but the...
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    No notifications for long distance drop offs?

    In the S.F. area I noticed I have not gotten any long distance notifications lately. I didn't know what premium passenger meant. thanks for the info
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    Hyre car

    I am currently leasing from Hyre Car. The service is OK but I alsio am not a satisfied customeer. The problem with HyreCar is 1. INSURANCE Coverage- $10 per day with a TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR Deductible. Clearly for $300 per month the deductible is too high. How masny people have $2500...
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    uber/lyft split screen 1 device, possible

    I thought the "MYSTRO" app was the solution when you are driving for both companies as well as managing the pings for picking up passengers? I downloaded it but still haven't used it.