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  1. Chicago-uber

    Another DF failure.

    I’m in Vernon Hills set DF for O’Hare. Get a ping with 45+ minutes notification. Thinking it’s a jackpot!! Start the trip and it’s going to downtown Chicago. Wtf? 1.5 hours trip. :poop:
  2. Chicago-uber

    Love at first sight.

    Meet the new member of my family.. 1553552076 Oh and don’t worry.. there will be no pool butts on those seats. Ha
  3. Chicago-uber

    Tax advice

    Just a heads up. If you haven’t done taxes yet.. go to uber website and use their link for free turbo tax self employed. It works. Just did my taxes and all I had to pay $40 for state filing. Federal filing for self employed is free. And heck.. I didn’t even get 1099 from uber. That’s how...
  4. Chicago-uber

    Ibrahim and iPhone chargers.

    Was driving around doing errand and saw uber pull up next to me. Saw the piece of paper taped to the back of the seat, so I had to zoom in to see what it said. Forgive the poor quality..
  5. Chicago-uber

    Turn the lights on when it rains/snows

    Truck Drivers will appreciate it. Make yourself visible.
  6. Chicago-uber

    Don’t forget to tip your...

    Flight attendant
  7. Chicago-uber

    Rider fee $5?

    Took a guy from des plaines to rosemont and I noticed he was charged $5 in rider fee. It wasn’t ohare or navy pier or McCormick. Does rosemont or Des Plaines charge $5? Or is it my tip that was kept by uber as a rider fee ?
  8. Chicago-uber

    I got a tip

  9. Chicago-uber

    Is this legal?

  10. Chicago-uber

    Uber Buggy Will it qualify for select? It's a BMW after all. :)
  11. Chicago-uber

    Uber gibberish

    I got this beauty in email from uber. Who do they hire to write these emails? Monkey can do better :)
  12. Chicago-uber

    Uber eats experiment.

    I had a few hours to kill this afternoon and decided to do Eats. What a joke.. pings 15 minutes away. At $3 per gallon, I’m not driving all the way there not knowing what I’ll make. I’m in the business to make $$. I took 2 order when pings were under 10 minutes. The highest payout was $4.90...
  13. Chicago-uber

    Thanks Juan!!

    Not sure if you read these forums.. My mom got sick yesterday and needed to get back home after a procedure from a clinic. (Friend only dropped her off and couldn’t wait to bring her back and I was stuck at work) So I ordered an Uber and got this nice gentleman named Juan. 4.94 rating and i...
  14. Chicago-uber

    Was it at the ord pit??

    Just saw this news and there’s a picture of our infamous ord pit.
  15. Chicago-uber

    Pop the trunk I personally do not feel comfortable doing that. What’s stopping the customers to claim that I took something from the trunk.
  16. Chicago-uber

    Do not work for Deliv

    i was looking at Craigslist looking for a side job and encountered an ad for Deliv. What the heck, so I signed up. It was very vague about pay structure. So i decided to work for one shift to see if it’s worth it. It said it was paying base hourly pay + mileage + tips. Not bad, right...
  17. Chicago-uber

    Breaking news!!!

    uber just raised the rates to $1.75 per mile. Pool is eliminated. See you guys out there at 4am. Make those $$ :D:D:D
  18. Chicago-uber

    Breaking news!!!

    amazon does not buy uber. Get ready for packages with pax on a pool ride. :rolleyes:
  19. Chicago-uber

    DoorDash vs Amazon.

    What a dumbass.. Prius13 I’m also amazed at DoorDash response. :rolleyes:
  20. Chicago-uber

    Bears in Super Bowl!!!!