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  1. KGB7

    Good news everyone; I quit Uber

    After a year of Ubering and over 4k rides, i am relieved by ten fold, by getting away from Ubers worst financial dependant clutches. In other words... i have quit Uber. I will look back for many decades as long as i live and look back at Uber as the most interesting and most worst life...
  2. KGB7

    Driver to Driver Rant.

    If you are a white(caucasian) male driver, around age 50, driving silver Toyoto Camry at DCA on Saturday evening. There is a speed limit of 25mph, dont stop in the middle of the turn and then shake your fist at me. I have a line of cars behind me waiting on your slow ass. If you cant drive, get...
  3. KGB7

    Uber is now 50% cheaper.

    Friday night and Saturday night, between 5pm and 12am. Uber Pool is now 50% cheaper for customers.
  4. KGB7

    Check your 1099, Raiser is screwing you on Taxes.

    My 1099 shows that I made more then I got paid, in other words; 1099 shows income before Ubers cut. I average $800/week. According to 1099 form, I made over $4k/month($1,000/week). So now I'll have to pay more taxes.
  5. KGB7

    Texting and Drive.

    Disclaimer; Texting and driving is illegal, you will get in an accident, hurt yourself and others. Many of you will continue to text and drive even though you shouldn't. So if you continue to do so, here is my advice. Use Voice to text option. Speak what you want to say and click send. Speak...
  6. KGB7

    Need help. Im looking for a song.

    I tried youtube. A rock song; "Best things in life a free". Its a decade old. Last time i heard it was in a video with bikers doing stunts on an air strip.
  7. KGB7

    The Man in the High Castle.

    The TV show is back, Episode 2 came out last weekend and episode 3 came out last night. I highly recommend you watch it, its well done with great actors. It was canceled after one episode, but got picked up after almost a year. The Man in the High Castle (1962) is an alternate history novel...
  8. KGB7

    Echostage roll call.

    Who's going and what time you'll be there??
  9. KGB7

    Hello from FML Town.

    I'm in the depth of Upper Marlboro. Lots of Ubering here and good money. /s
  10. KGB7

    Favorite drunk songs.

    Whats your favorite drunk song? No explanation required but all stories are welcomed.
  11. KGB7

    Uber on C Span 90.1 fm

    Right now. Uber rep called us employees. They view us as employees.
  12. KGB7

    Country songs.

    Post your favorite country songs. Old or new, what ever warms your heart or brings back child hood memories.
  13. KGB7

    Uber Pool at IAD.

    Check your app people. Uber pool is available at Dulles airport as well.
  14. KGB7

    PAX Scam for 5 star rating.

    This happened to me 4 times in the past week. The scam. When you arrive to PAX destination, PAX asks for the $ total. Thus you have to end the trip before pax exits your vehicle, rate pax, and then $$ shows up. In the process PAX sees what you rate them, and most of you in this situation will...
  15. KGB7

    Uber got jokes.

    Driving on Wisconsin North, when I get a ping from Arlington. Not going to happen Uber...not going to happen. Canceled and kept driving.
  16. KGB7

    Roll call.

    Who's at IAD right now? I've been here for 2 hours and the lot has good amount of cars.
  17. KGB7

    $250 ticket for U sticker.

    Listen up. I just spoke to TNC peace officer at Union Station in DC. If you don't have a U sticker or its on the wrong window, you will get a $250 fine. The U sticker, must be placed on rear right window/side window. The TNC cops are out there and are looking for Uber drivers that don't have...
  18. KGB7

    Sao Paulo city council votes to prohibit Uber amid protest.

    SAO PAULO — The Sao Paulo city council voted 43-3 on Wednesday to prohibit the use of smartphone-based ride-hailing-applications like Uber in Brazil’s largest city...
  19. KGB7

    Who's at Dulles right now?

    Black vw Passat. I have candy.
  20. KGB7

    Tesla Uber Spotted.

    After i took the pic, he sped away like a mad man.