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  1. DRIVER-99

    New Survey by Regional Transportation Agency (MTC)

    Below please find a link to a survey by the Metripiliyan Transportation Commission about UBER & LYFT.
  2. DRIVER-99

    New CPUC Requirements Effective Mar 5, 2018

    Today I attempted to go on-line and I was presented with a whole set of new rules I never saw before. California Rules and Regulation Effective March 5, 2018 It says drivers must complete a safety course before using the Uber App. That's news to me...
  3. DRIVER-99

    SB182 now Law in California

    It means Uber, Lyft and other TNC Drivers only need a business license in the city they live in, and they are covered for every city in the State.. The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit to challenge the validity of the law, but its provisions remain in effect unless a court finds in...
  4. DRIVER-99


    Has anyone noticed in the S,F, area the number of Uber rides are way down..? Are the passengers moving over to Lyft.? It seems to me all the recent bad publicity may be impactiing business? One never knows how many drivers are out there. I've had a number of people tell me they have switched...
  5. DRIVER-99

    Uber- Driver Cancelations- new app feature

    Uber recently changed their system so that when you have a ride in progress you are offered the next ride. that system works well until you're ready to stop driving. Before you reach the destination the app offers a ridem and when you turn it down, here comes another one. the situation...