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    I drove last night after work for the first time in a while

    can’t fix stupid
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    I am sorry to say...but

    Per capita nj is just as bad as ny.
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    If only uber/lyft would be so kind as to send a letter that states that you are essential business so cops don’t give you a hard time. I have such letter from my 9 to 5.
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    NY shut down until further notice

    If you wanna go cheap vodka that’s not horrific try taaka it’s actually the same as platinum 7x. Def not a vodka for shots but for mix drinks it’s not bad. My 9-5 is sales rep for a liquor wholesaler.
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    Yet Another Reason Not To Drive In Lakewood - National Guard!

    This is prob why......
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    The GOP Senate plan will give many of us $0

    This should come as no surprise, if you aren’t paying federal payroll taxes why would the government give you a check. Only reason the government is handing out checks is because they know they will he getting that money right back.
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    NY shut down until further notice

    I know in Newark and Paterson liquor stores are closed already. If it does close state wide it will def be a problem.
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    NY shut down until further notice
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    TRIPS DOWN 80%—90%

    I agree might take a little more than 2 weeks but people will definitely get fed up and things will get ugly in a few weeks if this doesn’t turn around soon. Most people can’t afford to be without a work a couple of weeks let alone a few months.
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    Hehe, if you didn’t see this coming......

    This is about 4 days late
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    NY shut down until further notice

    I’m sure this is coming soon to nj probably as soon as Monday. This is getting really ugly. 1584736139 Load up on booze this weekend for the long haul
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    Murphy might put the state on lock down

    He did a presser today but didn’t give an exact date he just said he was going to tighten the screws, now with ny in lockdown it’s inevitable.
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    TRIPS DOWN 80%—90%

    6 to 8 months I hope not, not because of uber/lyft that just sounds like doomsday if it takes 6 to 8 months for things to turn around.
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    Are you getting a stimulus check? I'm not.

    Why would the government bail out anyone that doesn’t contribute to payroll taxes? It’s really not that mind boggling lol
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    This is crazy

    Sounds bizarre, I guess the point is to get the person in the car and rob them.
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    Uber just lied to Wall Street (again)

    Many people who are jobless when this is all said and done will hop on the uber/lyft train and figure out what a turdshow this is. They will have an endless supply of drivers when this is over.
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    Just got tested for covid-19

    This should be the new placard with instructions if you suffer from any of these get the fvck out
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    Just got tested for covid-19

    I really don’t think anything happens, they just ask you to quarantine for 14 days and you have to be retested twice I believe in 24 hours. Obviously if you get really sick you go to a hospital.
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    No more pool rides = 1 star (passengers blaming us)

    Highly disagree with this, I have a 4.95 when I first started I didn’t care where I picked up and I couldn’t get higher than 4.80 because I would randomly get hit with 1s from bad areas. I once had someone file a report of a fake accident when all that happened was I went over a lovely speed...
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    Be preprared for a major influx of NY Ants

    Enjoy those multi stop trips to Walmart where the pax expects you to wait an hour for a 2 mile ride each way 🤣🤣🤣