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  1. Tomahawk21

    How often do you receive Quest Promos?

    Just Curious about everyone else's take/experience with Uber's Quest Promos. It seems from my experience that I only get them after I haven't driven for a while as to try and get me back on the road. Thanks for everyone's input.
  2. Tomahawk21

    Hello Out There?

    For all the cars I see with Uber stickers I can't believe I don't see more action on the Tallahassee board. We need to liven up this board a little more.
  3. Tomahawk21

    The Dead of Summer

    Well the college kids have all gone home the legislators went bye bye and it's soooo slow!!! It was pitiful last week . Have a feeling it's not going to get any better here. How's it going where everyone else is?
  4. Tomahawk21

    Short Surge after Blake Shelton Concert

    Didn't hardly last a few minutes. Anyone else score a nice ride afterwards? I took several people there from 4pm through 9pm. Had people who wanted to see the whole concert and others just wanting to see Jake/Blake or just Blake himself. Was just curious to hear from anyone else.
  5. Tomahawk21

    Concert Surge?!?!

    there is a big country concert tonight. Probably half the city is attending. Hoping for a huge surge when it's over. Wish me luck guys.
  6. Tomahawk21

    Weirdest Thing happened during your ride?

    during one my first couple weeks back when first started picked a guy late in a slightly sketchy area of town. He hopped in and started talking but was mumbling and I was like yeah uh huh and this continues for most of the trip. At some point I feel a hand reach from the back towards my crotch...