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    Weekends are terrible now

    Remember the good ol days when working 9-3am was an easy $200 and now barely making it to $50. Terrible
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    Major slow

    Nooooo pings
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    Uber screws drivers once again

    With the new incentive, I drove all day friday and all day saturday only to find out that I couldn't get the bonus because of my acceptance rate. All my rejects came from people who accidentally chose uber pool and didn't want to pick up any one else. If I run into this situation again, I...
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    2 weeks ago we got paid on a Wednesday. Will that happen again or expecting thursday?
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    Any prediction to the upcoming bike race. There will be higher demands but most roads will be closed so you'd have to learn all the roads closed. Worth turning on the app?
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    Time & Location

    Just moved to richmond and I used to uber in the DMV and knew where the hotspots was as well as the best time in the morning. Where does one start here if they are up around 6 a.m