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  1. warrior lady

    Uber Copying Lyft w/ Notices about Cancelled Rides

    At Least they aren’t Passive- Aggressive like Lyft’s about “ letting the community down” and “ making Lyft’s platform less reliable to those in need”. NO NO NO UBER: I WILL NOT DRIVE 10 MINUTES TO PICK UP PAX GOING FOR 5 MINUTE RIDE!!!
  2. warrior lady

    Better Than a Shuffle: Sticky Surge + Pax Cancel= Ghost Shuffle

    Made $11 for 18 second ride.. 0 miles on car.. no wear and tear. Don’t know if it was a glitch or I just got lucky. I had a sticky surge of $7. But my acceptance rate is too low so I lost the knowledge of length of ride.. that I really count on. So when I got close I started Ride to see if it...
  3. warrior lady

    So When’s Our Next Meetup/ Shuffling for Stocking Stuffers??

    I tried to find the post with definitive meetup plans and couldn’t.. Whad up? 1575800314 And No yankdog.. Stuffing Rebekah doesn’t count!
  4. warrior lady

    Fox 5 News Announced Kick-Off of Pedestrian Safety Increased Enforcement/Sting in DC, MD, & VA- DC Police Chief Acting as Decoy in Crosswalk

    Don't have the link..maybe some one can post it for me...Everyone BEWARE!!- My question: When will they target and ticket cyclists and walkers going against the lights and riding wherever they want and however they want...Probably NEVER.
  5. warrior lady

    For $100 Cash You Can Be As Rude As You Want To Me!

    Money Talks! Waiting for an XL ride at bar close on Dupont, Mildish surge $5.75. Rider going on 12 minute ride so Not a Huge Money Maker. Pax having trouble finding me. After about 3 minutes of waiting, drunk dude and fiancee come up to the van and say $100 if you take us to Lombardy hotel and...
  6. warrior lady

    Rohit Explains That Uber Takes More than Driver Gets on Some Rides.. And It All Evens Out in The End!!!

    Uber Comfort Ride with Mild Surge $2.50. Uber’s Take is MORE than My Take!! If this is the case commonly with Comfort Rides.. I Will Not Accept Them Unless there’s Decent Surge! Also I’m starting to think that Uber takes a high percentage off of short rides <3 miles.. I’m wondering if Rides...
  7. warrior lady

    You Know You're a DC Uber Driver When:

    1. You pick up college kids tourists holding a chilled box of spiked seltzer who want to drink at The Library of Congress and Lincoln Memorial on a late night Wednesday. 2. Pickups at bars increase and even surge before/after major presidential debates. 3. College kids on the way to the club...
  8. warrior lady

    Beware My Fellow Deplorable Speeders

    DC cops stepping up speed limit enforcement... Tonight DC cop with radar gun hiding in Southbound 9th St. tunnel.. Luckily I was only going 6-7 mph too fast so he went for bigger fish.. In my 4 years of late night driving in DC I have NEVER seen DC cops with radar guns anywhere in DC although I...
  9. warrior lady

    Surge Map Showed Dollar- Add- Ons and Multiplier When Off-Line, Went Online and Multiplier Disapears

    Showed small areas of 2.0x, 1.4x, and 1.5x. Plus $5.75 add-on... Soon as I turned on Only Saw Flat Rate Like usual... Flat rate $5.75.(I didn’t take pic of screen change to all flat rate $5.75). Think Rohit fell asleep on the switch... Never seen this glitch and hasn’t happened since. Wondering...
  10. warrior lady

    Where Have All the Late Night/ Super Early Ants Gone

    Wonder if a bunch quit.. or they’re all staking out the airport.. or Checkr threw a bunch out. DC was ON FIRE All Night Long 9pm- 5 am with barely any Non- Surging Times. Demand was Way Up There and Traffic in Some Parts of DC was almost equal to Rush Hour Traffic.- Once I called it quits & got...
  11. warrior lady

    App Froze Asking Me to Send Security Code to Verify Pax Is in Vehicle

    Picking up Comfort Ride.. on the way to pickup the app wasn’t showing my location and pax called to make sure I was coming.. App never allowed me to officially pick up Pax..Asked me for a security code..I took them anyway.. Figured app would catch up while on the way or Rohit would reimburse me...
  12. warrior lady

    Anyone Catch Any of the $28 Surge at DCA Late Night Sunday?

    By the time I got to it it was $14 Surge still good.. Uber made out well in the Negative for this trip. Think the Lot Lizards are Manipulating Surge? I haven’t picked up at any airport for about 1-2 months but I couldn’t resist this.
  13. warrior lady

    Wolf in DC.. And Not the Ones in Congress

    Late night driving on Rock Creek Pkwy headed south.. see Park police parked on the grass median and officers with flash lights in the bushes to the side of the north bound lanes.. At first I thought they were looking for a proud member of Team Camry who had swerved off the road into the bushes...
  14. warrior lady

    Uber Locks Out a Pax with 4.0 Rating or Lower

    Had a XL with pax rated 4.59 last night... I only accepted because they were at address where I had just dropped off last pax.. Very convenient for me.. Later in the ride I asked what happened to the girl’s rating. She said she’s from Jersey and had a incident where she ordered 3 Ubers from the...
  15. warrior lady

    Gotta Love Drunk Millennial’s Math Skills

    waiting for XL pickup on Rhode Island Ave around 11 pm Sat. night.. Now this is Very Busy street and Not conducive to waiting AT ALL. I text guy and he says it’s actuallu down an alley and can I come down there. ( Already been waiting 3-4 minutes already). He desperately Pleads with me “ Please...
  16. warrior lady

    Open Invitation to All Shufflers to Shuffle DuPont Late Night

    So I was waiting for XL ride late night Thursday on that wretched DuPont strip. It hadn’t even been 5 minutes yet.. I was pulled over parked behind a DC city white government van... Rent-a-cop sitting in van flashed his light at me.. I ignored. He got out and glared at me.. I told him I was...
  17. warrior lady

    2 Shootings in DC tonight- 1 on N. Capital & New York that my Dashcam May Have Filmed

    Be Careful my fellow late night drivers... One shooting on N. Capital and New York Ave NW my dashcam May have filmed.. I was driving an XL group and as we approached N. Capital and New York we heard gunshots and saw people running and one victim laying on the ground. This was around 11:10-11:20...
  18. warrior lady

    81 Ants at DCA at 11 pm- Funny Watching the Arguments & Near Collosions Occur as They Swarm

    I’m telling you.. If you want to do any people watching.. this is the utmost show you’ll ever see.. With the other possibility being BWI with 100+ in the lot. I’m greatly amused! I needed a good laugh. It gets hilarious when ants are running for that life-changing $1.50 surge to Crystal City...
  19. warrior lady

    New Quest Trick for Big Quests Only- Juggling 2 Rides at Once on the Same App

    Someone come up with a catchy name for this... When chasing this $130 quest, for some of the rides I ended them 5-7 minutes earlier than the destination and continued to drive them to their destination .. I immediately got another ride with first pax still in van and 2 Nd riders only had to wait...
  20. warrior lady

    For-Hire Cops Almost Snagged Me But I Got OuttaThere!

    Last night on that wretched strip that is DuPont.. I was waiting for XL ride by Mad Hatter. I parked in front of taxi but taxi driver could have reversed a tiny bit to get around me.. Driver kept honking like an idiot then real cop car comes over telling me to get moving.. I moved one car length...