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    Is Uber an Essential service?

    I’m also curious to see how this shelter in place affects crime rates. I would think it’d come down but I suspect we’ll start to see a rise in burglaries, robberies, fraud and theft the more desperate people become over the next several weeks. Then from that more people will buy up guns to...
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    Dare I say I miss driving?

    To an extent I actually do. Maybe I miss just the normality of it. But I was returning home from my full time job and I haven’t driven rideshare for a couple weeks now. And I saw an uber driver and the thought crossed my mind that I kinda miss driving. Getting paid to be out and about on my...
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    Was anybody driving today?

    I’m driving more or less cos I’ll drive myself crazy at home all day. It’s worse than crickets out here but I’ve found out that 4 drugstores and 5 groceries in my area are out of toilet paper and wipes. The hunt continues. 4 rides in 4 hours. . But beats being bored at homr
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    Being more selective with uber leads to crickets?

    The things is uber must have expected this to happen- drivers passing on the lower rate rides waiting on bigger fish. But the lack of transparency is frustrating. Not against maintaining a certain AR but they could at least be upfront with their expectations. But why I keep expecting...
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    Being more selective with uber leads to crickets?

    I cal BS on uber that low acceptance rates have no repercussions. Ever since the heads up in rates and destinations became available, I’ve grown even more selective on what rides to take. I’d say my AR would be comfortably under 50% at this point. Before I held it over 80%z And I think uber...
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    My driving pet peeve.

    I’m the one with patience hence the whole letting someone in before me thing. I’m not asking for a certificate but a simple wave or even a nod or glance. But this morning? Nothing, nada.
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    My driving pet peeve.

    Too many peeves and too little time to share. But this morning’s shift reminded me that ungrateful turds are among them. You know, the one you let in front of you out of the kindness of your heart and yet no wave, no acknowledgement of any sort and then same turd decides to ride the bumper of...
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    What do you guys do to stay motivated and out on the road?

    I’m not a full timer but I’ll put my $.02 in since combined with my fully time job, I’m clocking in at 60+ hours a week. It’s called having 2 children and living in a very expensive part of the country. I manage cos I have no choice.
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    This one simple trick ... to keep single pax from sitting behind the driver

    If you have a split folding 2nd row, just fold it down since you “forgot to put back up from the previous ride that needed the space.”
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    "You're in a busy area, expect rides soon"

    Driver manipulation. If you know your market enough, you’ll smell the BS right sweat. They put that in the middle of a college campus at 6;30 am on Sunday. No fool believes college kids are up that early on a weekend.
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    Whatever floats your boat, as long as whatever part of the body you grab belongs to your wife only. Grabbing other women, yeah, your wife might have a problem with that. So would uber, and the cops.
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    Which obsolete car brand would you chose for rideshare?

    Dang, I also forgot mercury. Put in ‘other’
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    Which obsolete car brand would you chose for rideshare?

    USDM only and non-exotic models only.
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    Uber comfort- what is your definition of warm

    At least here I’ve seen at least half a dozen climate preferences on comfort rides. My car has rear settings controls so I figure they rider can adjust as they see fir but that might be asking too much from pax.🙄
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    Uber comfort- what is your definition of warm

    I usually keep my climate temp at 68 degrees automatic, which in my experience is comfortable level. Never have to adjust during winter or summer. Most pax never complain. When I get a comfort ride and the preference is warm, I’ll increase to 72 which to me is plenty warm. Apparently not...
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    What make is your car

    Awd can’t save everyone from idiots on roads like that. I see Toyota’s, chevys and kia’s in a ditch on the way to tahoe on 50 or 88. But I’ll also see an Audi or Subaru as well. Or lifted 4x4 f series or rams
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    Uber changing pickup distances

    I’ve had inaccurate estimates but not that extreme. Wonder if it’s an issue with your connection/signal? Maybe not, just throwing that out there. If their estimate is so off on your end only, then that’s suspect but as its the same on the pax app, I don’t know how misinforming the pax like...
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    Can’t switch between x and comfort once you accept, right?

    Pax orders comfort on a 25 min trip. Hooray. I get in and he tells me he selected comfort by mistake and demands I switch to uber x. I tell him I can’t. He replies, I’m not paying for comfort so you need to switch to uber x. I give him his options, cancel and get another driver or I take...
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    Getting my rating above 4.0 again

    And drive smoothly too. I took a ride with a driver with a 4.3. And I gave him a 3 only cos he was polite. But his driving was horrible. Very jerky, slammed on brakes, switched lanes very abruptly, took turns way too fast. Couldn’t keep it straight on the higheay. It’s good that I don’t...
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    Uber passenger app

    Unless they forgot to switch off one of the platforms. Ie- pick up a uber pax and left the lyft app online. Yup, I tend to do that more than I should. Then I wonder why my AR dropped all of a sudden. I don’t hear the chime or ping if the car’s radio is on so sometimes I miss it