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  1. WhydoIdoit

    Corona Virus = $$$

    Um, I don't think many people are out driving.
  2. WhydoIdoit

    Corona Virus = $$$

    As of right now, city of Rochester has a wide spread surge going on. 8PM Must be some business out there?
  3. WhydoIdoit

    Big Brother In Ur Back Seat

    Uber introduces new feature to let riders ‘discreetly’ snitch on their drivers - The Verge
  4. WhydoIdoit

    Upfront Cash Tip on Long Rides?

    Please site law in New Penal Code? Unfortunately, "Well it just is", won't cut it.
  5. WhydoIdoit

    Upfront Cash Tip on Long Rides?

    Why? I am under no obligation to accept the ride and have the right to refuse any ride. Instead of canceling, I give the pax the option or it's just another cancelled ride.
  6. WhydoIdoit

    Upfront Cash Tip on Long Rides?

    I have an XL vehicle and I tell the Pax I will do it if they cancel and re-request an XL ride. Still using Ubers platform and the pax is getting an XL ride. It's the pax option to use it. Some won't do it, but I have never heard from Uber about doing it. My SUV is a Hybrid so it makes it worth it
  7. WhydoIdoit

    COVID - 19 Virus (Wuhan Coronavirus)

    Common flu kills 50,000 people annually. No seems to be worried about with ride sharing?
  8. WhydoIdoit

    Uber as a pax is pretty expensive

    Notice they say "not making a profit". Different than "not making money". The executives are stuffing their pockets with pay and bonuses. Living lavish life styles. What kind of parties and events you think these companies are putting on? That's all they do is host the apps, market, and pay...
  9. WhydoIdoit

    Uber as a pax is pretty expensive

    Cars will be autonomous before there is any shortage of drivers. Especially if there is down turn in the economy. Drives will be grabbing at crumbs just to make ends meet.
  10. WhydoIdoit

    Tax Summaries

    I don't understand all this interviewing that's needed? It's ride share not an Amazon company. It's standard across the board. You have a 1099 for income and you write of vehicle expenses or milage deduction. Then, you have receipts for your business expenses. It's not complicated. What am I...
  11. WhydoIdoit

    Pax who open the window asking

    To me, locking your windows is being a control freak. Windows in automobiles are made to be opened. More times than not when I am a pax, I get into a vehicle that is very stuffy and or hot. As long as it's not super hot or super cold, open up all you want that's what they're there for. In fact...
  12. WhydoIdoit

    How many people here have never been a pax???

    What do you mean by a tip in app "Times the driver out and stages you"?
  13. WhydoIdoit

    Anyone else's market dead??

    Everything slows down after Holidays. Just the way it is. Another thing is that too many drivers are relying on RS to put food on the table. Use it to save for a vacation next year, a big screen TV, pay for monthly car payment, and etc. Set your earnings goals lower with reality and it seem...
  14. WhydoIdoit

    2019 - Year in Review

    Great post! You keep great records and details. Good luck and more $$$ for 2020.
  15. WhydoIdoit

    Best RS insurance in Buffalo NY?

    I have asked actual insurance agents and companies about this. From what I understand, New York does not have anyting call rideshare insurance When you use your vehicle for rideshare , you are using your vehicle in a commercial capacity which requires a commercial insurance policy. An insurance...
  16. WhydoIdoit

    Deerfield country club tonight

    There is a large Christmas party getting out at 9:30 p.m. at Deerfield country club in Clarkson I caught a nice XL ride out there from Henrietta. I'm sure it will be surging.
  17. WhydoIdoit

    Uber weekly earnings

    I got take my hat off to you guys that drive 8 - 10 - 12 hours at a time. I get to about 6 hours and I am a cripple from sitting in car that long. I don't know how you do it.
  18. WhydoIdoit

    Worker Exploitation

    In What they accuse you of?
  19. WhydoIdoit

    Uber weekly earnings

    I concur with Garbage Plate. The driver saturation in Rochester NY is beyond what you can believe.
  20. WhydoIdoit

    Uber Comfort

    I have done a couple now. It's seems people are more interested in a bigger car than the actual quiet or comfort preference.