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  1. kcchiefsfan1982

    I don't track my mileage! I don't track anything!!!

    After finishing 2019 and realizing that Uber is not even going to send me a 1099 form...and I do not even show a profit...I am going to now have the freedom to just drive...and not have to use an excel spreadsheet at all!! Just drive, drive and drive!!! Life is good...with Uber!
  2. kcchiefsfan1982

    No profit made!!!

    I love uber!!!! i don't show a profit this year!! based on the .58/mile write off alone!!
  3. kcchiefsfan1982

    Using Uber Roadside Assistance!

    Well, I did it...I locked my keys in my car just now. Surprisingly though, using the roadside assistance through the Uber app, I am getting immediate help! For all the bad things Uber does, this one might actually work!
  4. kcchiefsfan1982

    My cat peed on my last night

    I was in my bed. My cat sat on me (I was under covers, cat was on top of covers) and just took a pee. Took me 10 seconds into it to realize. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. kcchiefsfan1982

    Where is my damn SUBWAY SANDWICH!!

    We are 6 days into November. I was promised a free damn SUBWAY SANDWICH! I WANT MY SANDWICH & I WANT IT NOW!! At the very least, I want to know when I can start receiving my damn snack. I am freeking pumped to get this snack!!! It isn't a big deal to most, but I am a simple man. I want to walk...
  6. kcchiefsfan1982

    Uber company is great at communicating to it's workers.

    Seriously...they could say "free subway, more details in the coming days".....or something to say are going to get this, but not today. They literally just leave you hanging, 100%. WTF!!!!!!
  7. kcchiefsfan1982

    Uber drivers get tipped about 1/3rd of the time.

    I read an article that Uber drivers get tipped about 1/3rd of the, then I ran my own numbers. I have only been driving since the end of August, but I have been tipped on 170 rides out of 395 total rides given, so I personally get tipped 43% of the time. This is a bummer of a...
  8. kcchiefsfan1982

    Driving for Uber to get back my Vegas losses!

    Title says it all. $2,200 loss this weekend. Doh! Should take me 2 months to get back, roughly.
  9. kcchiefsfan1982

    Let's figure our vehicle depreciation per mile....together!!!

    Let's try to get an idea of how much each driver is paying on depreciation/mile. Simply do this... Step #1: take your price you bought your car at and how many miles you had on it at the time. Step #2: Go to kelley blue book and see what your car is worth once you have 120,000 miles on it...
  10. kcchiefsfan1982

    did something w acceptance rate change?

    I all only 4 weeks into driving uber... but I did have 18 declines... now all the sudden it went to only 11 declines! I know, when i was new i was not accepting pings while i still had a pax with me, so that helped rack up my declines in the beginning (i didn't know any better at the time). i...
  11. kcchiefsfan1982

    Picking up Jesus

    Had the opportunity of a lifetime, got pinged by Jesus the other night. I was truly grateful for the opportunity, but I was a bit surprised, he honestly seemed highly annoyed by all the questions I had for him. He did not tip, but I am not sure that tipping was a thing in Nazareth where he...
  12. kcchiefsfan1982

    Rewards program question

    So, I am new to Uber as of (3) weeks ago. If I have Platinum this cycle and get my 10% off gas or soon as the new cycle starts over, do I lose the 10% off gas until I achieve Platinum again the next cycle? In other one can ever maintain ALWAYS having 10% off...
  13. kcchiefsfan1982

    I drive to Kansas City on weekends, asking for advice

    So, I live in Wichita, KS which is 212 miles from Kansas City....but I like to drive to Kansas City to work the weekend as an uber driver sometimes...and also enjoy the city a little bit while I am there. So...right now, it is barely worth me going to KC from a profit standpoint...but, damn, if...
  14. kcchiefsfan1982

    How many dead miles do you drive?

    Compared to your miles with a passenger, how many dead miles do you average. do you average 50 dead miles for every 100 miles with a passenger? If so, that would be your profit from 100 miles minus $29 that would be taxable income (not counting other deductions).
  15. kcchiefsfan1982

    I'm a new driver

    What is a ballpark estimate of amount of money I need to save to get close to covering my taxes at the end of the year? Should I save 30% of my earnings specifically for taxes? Even if it is not right on, as long as it is close, that is the main thing for me. Yes, I am tracking my mileage.
  16. kcchiefsfan1982

    Can I drive in Kansas & Missouri?

    How does the Kansas City work, since Kansas City is both in Kansas & Missouri? I am a driver in Wichita, KS. Am I able to drive to Kansas City for the weekend & drive for both Kansas City, Ks and Kansas City, MO?